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We Were Here Too – How to Get The Alternative Ending


If you want to end the game with a different ending, you must find all 12 levers playing the whole game. You can’t start this level where you missed levers and activate them. You have to play the entire game from the beginning. Make sure if you die, the levers on the current level are switched on.


1. In the first room on the right side of the exit door, you have to look down, and behind bars, you will see red symbols. Your partner sets a suitable combination of these symbols and pulls the lever, and the door behind will open.


2. After completing the candles puzzle. To the left side of the big room. Before this shrine in the middle of something. In the downstairs door.


3. In the tunnel after cube (dice) puzzle.




4. In the room with stained glasses, opposite of the mini castle.





Playing as Peasant

1. When you see the spiral staircase, turn left, and you see the lever.


2. After entering the throne room, turn left, and you will see a lever.


3. After entering the room with stained glass windows and a small castle in the middle, turn left, and you will see the door.


4. When entering the level with the maze, before you start, go straight to the door.




1. Firstly, you have to go upstairs by elevator and memorize the symbols before the exit gate. Then you need to set symbols where your partner was imprisoned, and the door will open behind you.


2. You have to go on the elevator in “0 floors”.


3. In “1 floor” above the elevator is the lever. You have to go on the elevator when it goes up.


4. You will see the last lever when you take the elevator to the top before the gate.


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