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Total War: Warhammer III PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

Total War: Warhammer III PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

The trajectory the Total Warhammer franchise has taken over the years have is quite unpredictable. It has evolved from a simple-minded feudal Japanese battle simulator to dimension-hopping demons and other monstrosities of extraterrestrial demons. Although Total War: Warhammer 3 is far from perfect (the most serious flaw being the poorly prepared Siege AI), it does more than any of its predecessors to capitalize on the strengths of the Total War franchise.



General Controls & Hotkeys for Total War: Warhammer III

You’ll learn everything you need to know about controls and hotkeys in this comprehensive controls and hotkeys guide.


W,A,S,D Pan camera
Mousewheel Zoom camera
Strategic map toggle
HOME Pan to capital
CTRL+S Quick save
CTRL+L Quick load
Toggle character move speed
Mouse Left click on object
Select character/army/settlement
Mouse Right-click on terrain/target
Issue move/attack order
Mouse Left-click on terrain Cancel selection
View/toggle campaign overlays
MINUS Show finance
EQUALS Show clan
1 Show overview
2 Show garrison
Show building browser
Show recruitment units
Show recruitment agents
End turn (skip warnings)
End turn notification zoom
Current selection disband
CTRL+S Quick save
CTRL+L Quick load
CTRL+T Toggle labels
Auto merge units
Default camera rotation
Left-click on a unit Select unit
Left-click on the terrain Cancel selection
Left hold Drag select
Move/attack unit
Double right-click
Run/charge unit
Mousewheel Camera zoom
Hold mouse wheel Freelook


The game deviated significantly from its usual cast of monsters, which is challenging for any game since the player base grows attached to old ideas and often rejects new ones. But the shift became possible thanks to the detailed battle maps and beautiful campaigns which kept them engaged throughout the game. While the real test (the factions from all three games) is yet to come, Total War: Hammer III has a lot to offer and is far from lacking.


Did you enjoy Warhammer III? What was your favorite part about this new game? Feel free to share it in the comments below. Until next time. Happy Gaming!


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