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Total War: WARHAMMER II – Lothern



Recruitment: Faction Leader. If playing as the Order of the Loremasters, Confederate Lothern while Tyrion is on the map.



1. Dragon Armor of Aenarion (Available at rank 6)


I. Construct a Promenade.


II. Have 2 White Lions of Chrace units in Tyrion’s army.


III. Kill 500 enemies in battle.


IV. Win the battle: Dragon Armor of Aenarion.



2. Sunfang (Available at rank 10)


I. Maintain a total of (Current number of units + 3) spread across your armies.


II. Occupy, Loot, Sack, or Raze any settlement.


III. Construct a Shrine of Asuryan.


IV. Win the battle: Sunfang.


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