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Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – Court Management & Politics

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Court Management & Politics

As each character makes their moves, vying for control of China, they begin to form their own governments and hierarchies. Deciding who your faction heir will be, and your prime minister, will have far-reaching effects across your campaign. For example, a faction heir is the most prestigious position, given only to the most trusted member after adopting them into your family. However,
should they become dissatisfied and defect, this will trigger a civil war for control of the faction. You may assign characters as Administrators, to better govern your territories, or to positions of importance in your court. New Court positions unlock as your faction rank rises, and assigning characters to these roles grants further bonuses to your campaign. (the grand commandant, for instance, will issue military-themed missions).


Separately, characters also have titles and ranks. To better satisfy them, you may promote them and increase their rank, but note that this also increases their upkeep salary, so keep an eye on their cost versus reward.


Character satisfaction is largely defined by the positions and titles bestowed upon them. A character languishing in court, or even a grand commandant, may ultimately become dissatisfied if you ignore their requests for advancement, and ultimately defect to the enemy.


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