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Teamfight Tactics (TFT) – How do champions work?

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How do champions work in Teamfight Tactics?

At the start of each round you’ll be presented with a randomized selection of champions you can purchase with gold.


They’ll cost different amounts, have different abilities and Origins, and belong to a variety of classes too. Oh, and there’s a carousel which swings round every few rounds from which you can nab a champion of your choice.



How many champions are there?

There’s a grand total of 50 champions in Teamfight Tactics.


As League of Legends is home to over 100 champions, it’s likely we’ll see some new champions rotate into the pool, while some rotate out. Riot hasn’t provided any concrete info on this yet, but we can see this being a seasonal feature.



Do champions have abilities?

Every champion has either an active or passive ability. Active abilities are cast when a champion’s mana bar is full, and there’s a short cooldown timer before they can use the ability again. Mana is generated when a champion attacks an enemy.


Champions are all subject to something called “mana lock”. This is the amount of time they can’t gain mana directly after casting a spell. The default mana lock is one second, however, some champions are locked for longer while casting spells.


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