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Teamfight Tactics (TFT) – How Do Items Work?

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How Do Items Work?

– Any items you acquire will appear as a glowing cuboid towards the bottom left of your screen. Hover over them to see what effects they’ll have and drag and drop them onto champions to equip them.



– Items have all sorts of effects. Some may boost attack damage, while others may increase magic resistance. Powerful items can even grant champions increased critical damage, extra auto-attacks and more.



– If you hover an item over a champion who already has an item equipped, a pop-up will show you what a combination of the two items will produce.



– When you’re equipping items, carefully consider how it’ll benefit a specific champion and its abilities. For example, items which increase maximum health will suit tanks, while mana regeneration items will suit spellcasters.



– Champions from the carousel will always come pre-equipped with an item. If you’ve picked a champion you don’t really want, don’t be afraid to refund them. The item they’re holding will jump straight into your inventory, so it’s actually a pretty decent way of getting something out nothing.


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