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Sapiens: How to Plant Trees, Vegetables, and Berry Bushes

Sapiens: How to Plant Trees, Vegetables, and Berry Bushes

This guide will teach you how to plant in Sapiens. To start planting, you first must have discovered something that can be unlocked and planted (i.e., made a sapiens gather said plant or tree). When this is completed, the plant will become available on your planting page. In order to plant anything, you must have the stone axe head in your stock, as well as a seed or fruit from the item you wish to plant.


Make one or two storage spaces where the tree or plant is located, and send sapiens there manually. When they get in range of the tree or plant, they will respond to your work order and start to gather and store it in the storage. You must then create a path from that storage to your main storage so that your sapiens can carry it back to your base. Make sure your sapiens are not hungry when gathering any kind of vegetables or fruit trees so that they can carry it straight to storage or to a spot that has already been designated, or else your sapiens will eat them.




Trees provide a renewable source of food and branches. All trees can be harvested for their branches and seeds/fruit, which eventually regenerate. To produce logs, trees can also be chopped down with an axe tool and tree chopping technology. Each fruit and seed requires its own storage space, but branches from any tree can be kept together. You must collect tree seeds in order to plant trees. If you don’t have any branches or logs in your storage and one of your fires needs fuel, watch out lest your sapiens use the pine cone as firewood.


The following is a complete list of all trees in the game:


Tree Branch Log Seed/Fruit
Birch 2 0 0
Willow 6 3 4
Aspen 6 3 4
Pine 2-4 2-6 4
Big Pine 10 20 4
Bamboo 4 0 4
Coconut 0 4 6
Apple 2 2 6
Orange 2 2 10
Peach 2 2 7
Banana 0 0 6




The majority of, if not all, vegetables will leave a sapling form in the place where you just harvested them, allowing you to return and gather them again for more food or seeds to plant. When you harvest the vegetable, keep this in mind. Get your beetroot patch as large as you can, because it grows all year and is a reliable and secure source of food.


Please be aware that the growth rates vary among different plants. Their speed is also influenced by the soil type and climate.




Bushes are a naturally regenerating source of berries. Berries can be consumed or planted to grow new bushes. Each bush yields six berries per harvest. When either type of bush is uprooted, it produces one birch branch.


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