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Rotwood – The Ultimate Strikers Guide

Rotwood - The Ultimate Strikers Guide

The Strikers

The Strikers are a long-range weapon that you can throw and bounce off enemies. The basic ones simply bounce off while the later and more powerful ones do additional damage due to their skills. The tricky part of using this weapon is understanding the trajectory. Once you have that down, the rest is easy. It does good damage from a distance and also has close-range attack options that this guide will aim to explain. Enjoy!



Basic Attack and Movement Combos

Unlike other weapons, the number of combos you can execute with Strikers is limited, but it’s a versatile weapon. Firstly, it’s throwable, so you’ll have to develop a whole new playstyle to plan around that fact. There is a lot of moving around and positioning involved compared to the other weapons.


Secondly, spacing can be an issue as you’ll have to predict where it’ll land after being thrown or smacked. A misplay would lead you to get surrounded by enemies with no weapon in hand, and you cannot always dodge out of enemy hit stuns. Master the basics discussed below and combine them to create combos based on your playstyle.


Light Attack – Hits the opponent with one hand while holding the Strikers in the other. Can even hit recalled Strikers and send them flying in the same direction.


Heavy Attack – Throws Strikers in the facing direction. Also recalls thrown Strikers in your direction.


Fading Kick (Dodge + Hold D-pad in the opposite direction + Light) – Jumps in the opposite direction while throwing a kick. You can even kick recalled Strikers in the same direction.


Tackle (Dodge + Light) – Hits the enemy in front, dealing little damage.



Rotwood Striker List

Old Leather Striker

Rotwood - The Ultimate Strikers Guide


A decent skill as it does damage to the targets it lands on, but hard to pull off consistently. In most cases, the goal will be to outrun the enemy. Staying close to them so the strikers land on them and do a little bit of damage isn’t worth it. It’s better to simply melee them or slap the striker in their direction. It’s much more efficient, easy to pull off, and deals more damage. This isn’t a good skill, but it’s hard to expect more from a starting weapon.



The Hurler

Rotwood - The Ultimate Strikers Guide


Same as the other weapons of this variant where you uppercut enemies and hurl them through the air. The strikers have no other special combos, but the punch synergizes well with the rest of the kit. It’s a solid weapon if you do decide to pick it up, but it is easily outscaled by the rest, both in terms of DPS and utility.




Rotwood - The Ultimate Strikers Guide


Possibly one of the best Strikers for beginners. They will always rebound to the owner’s location after hitting an enemy, no matter where they are located, and it works both for throws and hits. Once the striker makes contact with the enemy, it will retrace its way back to your last static location. It won’t follow you around like a homing missile, though.


The first few games with Strikers can be a bit difficult, and the retracing feature makes it easier to catch them consistently.




Rotwood - The Ultimate Strikers Guide


Standard combo attacks. The skill on this heals like the other weapon variants as well. Best used with the rest of the gear as it maximizes the healing. As usual, not the most effective, but can come in clutch if everybody in the group uses it.




Rotwood - The Ultimate Strikers Guide


The ability lets you throw the Striker further. The main feature of this one is the ability to bounce one striker off another. They also explode once they land after being thrown, so that’s a bonus as well. If spaced correctly, you can even create an infinite combo where one striker keeps bouncing between a target and another striker. It’s not consistent, though, and super hard to pull off, but can easily kill off bosses once you manage to do so.




Rotwood - The Ultimate Strikers Guide


Same ability as the other weapons found in this stage. A slower hitstreak decay and the skill to pull enemies in front of you in a vacuum. There is not much to the Splatshot other than the bump in the base damage. It’s great if you’re good at dodging enemy attacks and can keep comboing off them to build a massive hitstreak. Otherwise, it’s best to stick with the other variants.



Belle of the Ball

Rotwood - The Ultimate Strikers Guide


The last and most powerful striker of them all gives you the ability to use Floracrane’s ability to dive bomb into the ground. The inherent crit boost is nice, but that’s it. The divebomb ability is good, but it leaves you in a vulnerable state among enemies. The skill and the weapon don’t synergize very well either. I suggest picking Boomball if you have decent experience with Strikers because it has the added blast damage or the Ballmerang for more control and useful melee skill.


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