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Rotwood – The Ultimate Spear Guide

Rotwood - The Ultimate Spear Guide

The Spear in Rotwood is a powerful weapon indeed, but only against single target monsters. It comes with a bunch of consecutive attacks that stack combo multipliers & damage over a single target. However, youโ€™re in for a world of hurt if you get swarmed… Movement is key when youโ€™re playing this weapon as youโ€™ll have to move around a lot (compared to other weapons) to avoid taking hits.


However, having a spear main in every team can be super helpful because they can make short work of the boss while the rest of the team can aggro the minions. Letโ€™s take a look at all the different spears available in the game.



Spear: Basic Attack and Movement Combos

The spear is a unique weapon because you can trigger focus hits based on your position. Hitting an enemy with the tip of the spear always results in a focus hit. However, continuous attacks move the character towards the enemy even if youโ€™re not pressing the direction keys, so youโ€™ll have to keep repositioning yourself. Now letโ€™s take a look at the list of combos:


Light Attack – Basic spear jab with three variations, each dealing slightly more damage than the previous strike.


Heavy Attack – Jumps up in the air and strikes at an angle towards the ground.


Fading Light (Dodge + Hold D-pad in opposite direction + Light) – Itโ€™s better to simply dodge if you are in the light weight class. Only useful if youโ€™re in the heavy weight class where you canโ€™t dodge as efficiently.


Spinning Drill (Dodge + Light) – Spins forward hitting multiple enemies while moving.


Multi Thrust (Light + Light + Light + Heavy or Heavy + Light + Heavy) – The most powerful attack in the spearโ€™s arsenal and deals the most damage, albeit to a single target (difficult to line up enemies in such a small hitbox).



Rotwood Spear List

Rusty Skewer

Rotwood - The Ultimate Spear Guide


Thrusts the enemy with a spear pushing them away and creating space. There is nothing special about this spear and the sooner you upgrade to a new more powerful weapon โ†’ the better…



Long Arm of the Claw

Rotwood - The Ultimate Spear Guide


Uses the spear as a pole to jump over obstacles and other enemies. It helps with positioning and if timed correctly, you can even dodge enemy attacks quite effectively. The Long Armโ€™s skill does no extra damage. However, focus attacks do more damage, but on the other hand, normal attacks deal less damage. The Long Arm is a flexible weapon and if positioned correctly, can deal focus hits consecutively.



Rot Kebabber

Rotwood - The Ultimate Spear Guide


The standard punch that you get with the other weapons. It has better overall stats than the previous weapon, but utility wise, it doesnโ€™t offer anything unique.



Pike of Peril

Rotwood - The Ultimate Spear Guide


Standard healing skill that you get with the other weapons. Nothing special about it.



Barbed Pike

Rotwood - The Ultimate Spear Guide


Same as the Rusty Skewer. It has overall higher damage than the other spears that come before it, but once again, nothing special about Barbed Pike. However, holding the heavy button at the end of the Multi Thrust combo will execute more thrusts, dealing an insane amount of damage.



Hork Fork

Rotwood - The Ultimate Spear Guide


Creates a vacuum and pulls enemies in front towards you. The passive also reduces hitstreak decay in between strikes, the same as the weapon variants. Nothing special, and itโ€™s better to use the Barbed Pike instead of this.




Rotwood - The Ultimate Spear Guide


The passive increases the critical hit chance, whereas the skill is the same as all the Floracrane weapons where you take flight and dive bomb into the ground. Moreover, with the increase in the critical hit chance and crit damage, the Multi Thrust combo can reach insane damage numbers.


The Sharpoon is a decent weapon, but when it comes to spears, I usually prefer the Barbed Pike because of the extended combo. But at the end of the day, itโ€™s a matter of personal preference…


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