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Rotwood – The Ultimate Hammer Guide

Rotwood - The Ultimate Hammer Guide

Ah, hammer! The trusty old companion that has aided civilizations since their inception. A mere tool in one hand but with a bit of imagination and creativity can also be turned into a formidable weapon. Cultures have witnessed the mighty force of the hammer and now itโ€™s time for Rotwood to experience the tool in all its glory.



Hammer Overview

The hammer is the most simple weapon in the game, with easy to execute combos, quick movements, and decent dodge frames. I used to main hammer before switching over to the cannon, which is my favorite weapon and is covered in my cannon guide. But with that out of the way, letโ€™s take a deeper dive into the hammer and its several use cases.



Basic Attack and Movement Combos

After the latest update, we can now fortify gears and weapons and raise their power level to match late game items. This makes the early game weapons viable in the late game which makes for interesting team compositions in F3 maps. Moreover, learning the combos is more important than ever since all weapons are now usable.


Refer to our controls guide for a detailed list of all the key bindings and without further ado, here is the list of all hammer combos.



Hammer Combos

Light Attack – Swings the hammer in an arcing motion, hitting everyone in range.


Heavy Attack – Jumps and slams down dealing AOE damage.


Hammer Attack Combinations – A bit difficult to execute as it requires precise timing but once mastered results in a deadly combination.


  • Golf Swing (Dodge + Hold Direction key in the Opposite direction + Heavy) – Arching golf swing dealing AOE damage.


  • Reverse dodge swing (Dodge + Hold Direction key in the Opposite direction + Light) – Quick attack and low frames. Perfect to attack the enemy while dodging enemy fire.


  • Fidget Spinner (Dodge + Hold Direction key in the Opposite direction + Light + Hold Heavy) – Effective attack at low stages. Consistent damage, but leaves the user vulnerable to projectile-based attacks.


  • Standard Slam (Light x 3 + Heavy) – Slams the hammer down dealing massive damage.


  • Somersault Slam (Light x 2 + Hold Heavy) – Jumps in the air, does a somersault, and slams down. One of the most damaging hammer attacks.



Rotwood Hammer List

Almost all weapons share the same skill and the cannon guide has covered all of them. The only difference is The Bam Bamboozler which has a different skill.



Crumbing Hammer

Rotwood - The Ultimate Hammer Guide


Not so special under normal circumstances, but with the new fortify mechanic makes the weapon viable especially for cc and knocking weak enemies down efficiently. Itโ€™s perfect for anyone starting out but there are more powerful hammer skills better suited for late game missions.



The Tenderizer

Rotwood - The Ultimate Hammer Guide


Applies an additional hit on enemies that deals extra damage. Great for building consistent damage to enemies over time. Decent weapon that feels good to use, nothing special. Charging the hammer feels mundane and it would be better if the skill was automatically activated.



The Smashing Pumpkin

Rotwood - The Ultimate Hammer Guide


Same knock down mechanic as the other weapons. Enemies deal damage while flying through the air. The punch is a big liability though as charging it takes time and makes the character vulnerable to enemy attacks.



Bare Knuckle Bammer

Rotwood - The Ultimate Hammer Guide


The healing skill is like other weapons. Great for early game, but the difficulty and damage outscale it in the late game.




Rotwood - The Ultimate Hammer Guide


Maintaining a hitstreak isnโ€™t too difficult. It comes with practice and the rest of the other passive weapon skills are way better than this one. The ability to pull enemies sounds great but it isnโ€™t all that useful, especially in later stages where the enemy can pretty much eat half the health bar in a single attack string. Itโ€™s better to deal damage from a distance or to hit them while they are knocked down.



The Bam Bamboozler

Rotwood - The Ultimate Hammer Guide


The Hazard Idol is a unique skill thatโ€™s exclusive to the hammer. It sacrifices 25 HP to summon an Idol which deals 50% damage in a large radius. Itโ€™s a decent ability but itโ€™s not viable in the last stage. Enemies are way too erratic, powerful and deal massive damage in later stages. The idol isn’t a reliable source of damage when facing such foes as there are way better alternatives.



The Grand Finale

Rotwood - The Ultimate Hammer Guide


My favorite hammer in the game. I mostly use weapons with the Floracraneโ€™s Divebeak ability. Not only does the hammer deal high damage with the increased crit chance, the skill offers an additional source of damage that also lets me dodge attacks by leaping into the air. Itโ€™s a fine weapon and I usually recommend it for the later stages.


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