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Release Archibald Quest – Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven

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Your adventure begins when you receive a prophetic message from The Oracle. It reveals a secret harbored by Archibald, the notorious brother of King Roland. Archibald possesses a powerful spell capable of containing the explosive energy of Kreegan’s Reactor Core.


Head to Castle Ironfist and speak with Nicolai, who holds vital information about his Uncle Archibald. Gather details about The Third Eye, a unique gem required to awaken Archibald from his petrified state.


Follow the instructions in Roland’s letters to his wife. The instructions guide you northwest of Castle Ironfist. Discover a well that conceals the Third Eye gem. Interact with the well to retrieve the gem, as it is an essential component of your mission.


Return to Castle Ironfist and speak to Nicolai about his uncle. During this conversation, give him The Third Eye. In return, Nicolai will entrust you with Tanir’s Bell.


Proceed to the northern perimeter of the castle and locate a ramp. Ascend the ramp, which leads you back inside the castle. This path will take you to Archibald, who is trapped in stone.


Use Tanir’s Bell to break the enchantment that has turned Archibald to stone. By doing so, you will restore him to his human form.


Engage in a brief conversation with Archibald after he awakens. He will impart the Ritual of the Void Scroll to you before vanishing, and now you will be ready to embark on the final quest of your adventure.


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