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Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven – The Obelisk Quest & Treasure

Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven - The Obelisk Quest & Treasure

The Obelisk Quest

This is a quest in the game that deserves its section. Nobody gives you this quest, but it’s a very useful one to figure out. Have you come to a small tower-like structure that reads a bunch of Mumbo Jumbo letters and lines? Each one means nothing. However, if you find the 15 obelisks, they will spell out a message that is a clue to finding a great treasure.


They are always outdoors, and there is only one in each of the 15 areas. And by the way, to any of you who say, I’ll just read the clue on this page and go to the location, think again… You must click on all 15 obelisk screens to activate the treasure.




1. Sweet Water – It’s located due south of the ruined village of Sweet Water on the west side of the lake.


2. Paradise Valley – It’s located to the northeast of the Paradise Valley town over the mountains and guarded by Hydras.


3. Hermit’s Isle – It’s in the northeastern area to the north of a small pond.


4. Kreigspire – It’s in the snowy area in the northwest, just sitting in the middle of nowhere.


5. Blackshire – It’s in the sand area to the far east surrounded by lizards.


6. Dragonsand – It’s in the northeast area against the wall surrounded by dragons.


7. Frozen Highlands – Directly behind Castle Stromgard.


8. Free Haven – Due south of the tomb of Ethric the Mad on the other side of the mountain.


9. Mire of the Damned – It’s in the middle top of the area in a sort of mountain maze. I use Fly to get it.


10. Silver Cove – It’s on the north island with the inn to the west of the inn.


11. Bootleg Bay – In the southeastern area to the west of the Hall of the Fire Lord.


12. Ironfist – Head due west from the lower town, and you will come to an arena-like area between some mountains with loads of enemies inside. The obelisk is in the middle.


13. Eel Infested Waters – It’s on a small southwestern island guarded by Water Monsters and Agar’s Creations.


14. Mist – Step in the transporter and follow the islands around to the end, and the obelisk is near the transporter to take you back to town.


15. New Sorpigal – Use Fly to fly north of town to the volcano, Mount Sorpigal. Fly into the crater to find two horseshoes and the obelisk.




1. I t o t e c t h o t h e s a i p

2. n h r h _ a h e r h e a t v d i

3. _ e t e c p e _ _ e r s o e d e

4. t _ h a a t _ l t _ _ e n _ l c

5. h d _ s c a w e h S f d e w e e

6. e r b t h i e a e u u , _ o ‘ d

7. _ a y , e n i s _ n n _ a n s .

8. l g _ _ _ _ g t S _ c l n ; _ _

9. a o f l o ‘ h . h b t i d _ p _

10. n n a i f n t _ i e i f _ t u _

11. d _ r e _ e _ H p f o t y h z _

12. _ t _ s t a o i _ o n _ o i z _

13. o o n _ h t f d o r s t u s l _

14. f _ o t e h _ _ f e _ h _ _ e _

15. _ n r h _ _ t f _ _ c e h r _ _




Once you turn it sideways it reads, “In the land of the dragon to the north by far northeast, lies the cache of the captain ‘neath the weight of the least. Hid for the Ship of the Sun before her functions ceased, lift the stone and you have won; this riddle’s puzzle pieced.” Go to Dragonsand and look for a lot of rocks spaced out near the northern border. Be careful of the Lizards, Dragons, or Wyrms that may be shooting at you. You will see a bunch of small rocks and one big rock in the middle of them.


This big rock conceals the treasure. It is heavily trapped so I suggest using Telekinesis on the rock while standing way back. Use Telekinesis to open and gather the treasure as well so you can have a minimal amount of firepower attacking you at once. Inside the chest is 250,000 gold that is automatically given to you and the spell books: Divine Intervention and Dark Containment, as well as the Artifacts: Igraine, Morgan, and Guinevere.


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