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Raft – Game Modes Guide

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Creative Mode: This mode is just to create the raft of your dreams without gathering any material. Everything can be crafted for free. You can grow plants and spawn domesticated animals, even the rare ones. The raft won’t move, and the shark will swim around but not attack you. You won’t get thirsty nor hungry. Achievements don’t work in Creative Mode.


Peaceful Mode: It’s pretty much Easy Mode, except here, nothing will attack you. They won’t even defend themselves ( except for the Screecher, it will throw one rock at you in response to an attack ). /!\ Seagulls are currently impossible to attract in Peaceful Mode; you’ll have to build a tower to attack them with a bow to get feathers. The Screecher is hard to hit because usually, you wait for it to attack you to be able to hit it, and here it will not attack…


Easy Mode: When you die, you respawn will all of your inventory. It takes five hits from a shark to die. Shark attacks every ~8mins. ~25mins to lose a whole thirst bar. ~31mins for hunger.


Normal Mode: You can respawn by yourself when you die, but you will lose all of your inventory. You can be saved by a friend to keep what you’re holding ( he needs to put you in a bed ). It takes three hits from a shark to die. Shark attacks every ~6mins. ~15mins to lose a whole thirst bar. ~18mins for hunger.


Hard Mode: When you die, you can’t respawn by yourself. You need a friend to put you in a bed when you die to save you. So basically, if you’re playing alone: dying = game over. Up to 3 sharks can also surround you! You will start with one shark; then, after a while, another will come, etc… Attacking/Killing sharks has a link with how many attacks you take; the more aggressive you are, the more sharks will appear. Sharks are also harder to kill and stop attacking your raft ( 5 hits from a wooden spear instead of 4 ). It takes three hits from a shark to die. Sharks attack your raft every 2mins. ~10 mins to lose a whole thirst bar. ~14 mins for hunger.


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