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Raft – Hidden Achievements Guide

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Hidden Achievements Guide

This goes here! (Hidden)

Break or pick up 100 blocks.


When you get close to an object, you have the option of removing it which will put it in your inventory. Just place it again, then remove it… repeat until you get the achievement. Breaking structures with an axe also counts towards this achievement.



An Ocean Cemetary! (Hidden)

Die 25 times.


A simple way to farm this. Start a new game, anything but Creative Mode or Hard Mode, but preferably Normal Mode because the shark will help you in your task. Then jump in the water and wait for you to drown… when that’s done, respawn, then repeat until you get the achievement.



Exploring the depths! (Hidden)

Reach a depth of 100 meters below the surface.


Just swim deeper and deeper until you get the achievement. You can create a game just for this, that way you don’t need to bother with finding your way back to the surface alive, if so take peaceful mode so that the shark won’t annoy you. If you want to do it in your actual game, do it next to an island to be able to find your way back easily. Take Flippers and a Bottle of Oxygen to be able to go 100 meters below the surface and back without drowning.



Is there a Utopia? (Hidden)

Find the white board in the radio station.


Build a Receiver and 3 Antennas, they all need to be on high floor and the 3 Antennas need some distance between each other to work. Craft a Battery and put it in the Receiver then turn it on. It will either tell you what’s wrong ( Antennas too close to each other, Not high enough… ) or show you a radar with a green dot. Follow the green dot with your sail and you will eventually find your Radio Station.


Then climb all the way up the Radio Station to find a white board, the achievement will unlock.



Not a great landing! (Hidden)

Discover a crashed plane.


What you’re looking for is an island with a plane on it. It’s a small island but with the same plants as a large island. It’s all luck based, follow the current and you will find it eventually. Climb to the plane to get the achievement.


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