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Raft – Finding Food & Water

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Your hunger and thirst decrease over time, more so if you are doing an action like paddling or building. There are different ways in which to quench your hunger and thirst, including fishing, growing food, foraging food, and boiling seawater.




The basic fishing rod is created using:


  • 6 planks


  • 8 rope


Rope is made from 2 palm leaves that are found floating in the ocean.


To use the fishing rod, equip it to your Hotbar and hold it in your hand. Aiming towards the ocean, hold down the left mouse button and release it when the circle is full (or nearly full – it doesn’t matter how much). You will have got a bite when the fishing line starts to move, and it prompts you to press the left mouse button. Quickly do so, and the fish will be caught and in your next available inventory slot. From here, you can either eat the fish raw (if you’re desperate for food), which will decrease your thirst bar by about 1/4 – 1/3, or cook it on a grill.


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Not all fish will fit on the smaller grill, so they should either be stored or thrown away till they can be used.



Growing food

To grow your own food, you will need a planter, which can be crafted in either small, medium, or large depending on what you want to grow. Each seed will say what planter it must be planted into; for instance, the ‘palm tree seed’ fits into a large plot. You can also use an ‘old shoe’ as a small planter, which can be fished up using the fishing rod. Like any plants, they will need water, so you will need to use a water bottle that is full of freshwater.


Seagulls now become a nuisance as they will try and eat your growing crops. To scare them away, you can create a scarecrow, but until you have the resources, you will have to chase them away.



Foraging for food

Every now and again, you will stumble across an island. These islands have forage food such as watermelons, mangos, and coconuts. Depending on what food you come across, you may have to have equipment prepared. Watermelons and pineapples are the simplest to harvest as you only have to interact with them using the ‘e’ key, whereas mangos and coconuts have to be cut down from the palm trees using the ax.


Islands can be tricky to get onto, so it’s recommended that you first build a set of stairs on the side that will be the closest to the island, allowing you to jump from the top of the stairs onto the island.



Freshwater via boiling seawater

Water might be one of the most important things to keep an eye on, as once you’re at that critical stage of dehydration, it can be difficult to save yourself from death.


The simple purifier is made using:


  • 6 planks


  • 6 palm leaves


  • 4 plastic


It also requires a cup or a bottle.


The cup is made using:


  • 4 plastic




The empty bottle is made using:


  • 6 plastic


  • 4 vine goo


Once a cup or bottle has been crafted, you can take it to the ocean and press ‘e’ to fill it with saltwater. Then take it to the purifier and press ‘e’ once again to place it. You will need to place a few planks of wood underneath the cup to allow a fire to burn and the water to be filtered and fresh.


The other purifier doesn’t require planks to burn and makes several cups of water at a time; however it is difficult to craft as it requires 4 glasses.


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