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The Last Guardian Food Barrel Locations Guide


Search the indicated locations to find food barrels that can be feed to Trico. Feed Trico all barrels in the game to get the “Lock, Stock & Barrel” trophy, and unlock outfits for the boy during your second playthrough.



Act 1: Meeting Trico

Food Barrel 1, 2, and 3: In the chamber where you find Trico chained up and wounded, there are three food barrels. One on both sides of the small ruin in the cave, and one in the gated room. Pull the switch to get the barrel inside.

Food Barrel 4 and 5: After leading Trico out of that chamber, you will enter a cave with light coming through the ceiling and illuminating a grassy area. Climb on top of Trico and jump onto the high ledge to throw both food barrels to Trico.

Food Barrel 6: After returning with the mirror, use it to clear the way on the higher ledge in the same chamber where food barrel 4 and 5 are found. Use Trico’s head to reach the higher ledge, then throw the barrel down to Trico.

Food Barrel 7, 8, and 9: Drop into the underground pool of water and turn left. There is a wooden barricade you can destroy with Trico and the mirror. Once the wooden barrier is gone, climb up the chain to find a crate with all three barrels. Push the crate down to break it open, then throw all three barrels out into the water for Trico.

Food Barrel 10: In the same water-filled cave chamber, use one of the previous three barrels to lead Trico toward the waterfall. Climb on top of Trico and jump to the green moss the boy can climb on the side of the rock walls, to the left of the waterfall. The last barrel in this chapter can be found at the top of this green climbing path.



Act 2: First Ruins

Food Barrel 1: After leaving the chasm and reaching metal gates where Trico cannot follow (but will still stick his head through the doorways), take the stairs up to find a hole in the ruins wall with a view of the chasm and the makeshift bridge. Call for Trico and he will jump into the hallway. Lead Trico down the stairs and use the mirror to destroy the debris at the cave-in to reveal the barrel.

Food Barrel 2: Use the previous food barrel to lead Trico into the larger room with the small doorways. There is a set of handholds only the boy can reach. Climb on Trico to jump to the ledges and climb up to reach an alcove with the barrel.

Food Barrel 3: After climbing out of the chamber where the second barrel was found, you will reach a cave at the top with a mineshift to the left. Enter this small alcove with a lit torch to find the barrel.

Food Barrel 4: Ride Trico as he jumps across large gaps through the canyon, stopping at a new large chamber with a stained-glass eye on the ledge to the left and a glowing-blue device ahead. As you take the steps up, look to the right for a narrow passage only the boy can squeeze into. The barrel is at the end of this path.

Food Barrel 5: From the fourth barrel, go up the stairs on the right. At the top, turn left (there is a gate here). Once the gate is open (by using Trico to reach the windows up higher and following the ledges to another window on the left), you can reach the final barrel in this chapter. It can be found down the hall from the gate switch.



Part 4: The Second Tower

Food Barrel 16: After completing the pots puzzle and reaching the second huge tower, climb the broken pillars. At the top, use Trico’s tail to climb up and reach the upper ledge. Climb up Trico and jump to the platform. The food barrel is found in the second alcove with three archways.

Food Barrel 17: This food barrel is very close to the previous one. Cross the dilapidated wooden bridge to find the barrel on the balcony. Do not feed it to Trico yet, as you will need it.

Food Barrel 18: After finding the previous barrel, continue until you reach a chamber with enemies. After defeating the Armors, look in the back-left corner from the entrance door after dropping down to find the barrel.

Food Barrel 19: After leaving the purple-tinted narrow passages filled with Armor, you will reach an exterior broken bridge with bright sunlight. There is one final Armor watching the bridge. Take it out, then follow the narrow path to the right. The barrel is at the end of the path, stuck in the rubble.

Food Barrel 20, 21, 22, and 23: After leaving the area with the broken bridge, you will need to crawl through a gate. Continue down and into the courtyard to find a crate with four food barrels on the right. Get Trico’s attention by pushing the crate, and it will break it open. This is the area where the boy learns how to issue commands for the first time.

Food Barrel 24: Proceed up and out of the previous chamber to enter a narrow passage that leads to a view of the broken bridge from earlier. Pull the switch, then look to the platform on the right (as you leave the hallway) to find the barrel is over there. You will need Trico’s help. Crawl on Trico, and when it stands tall, jump onto the high ledge to get the barrel.

Food Barrel 25: Jump over the broken bridge with Trico. On the other side, have Trico stand tall (and jump up) so the boy can reach a high spot on the arches to the right after leaping the gap. There is an easy-to-miss barrel up in this hidden area.

Food Barrel 26: Later in the dungeon, you will need Trico to pull a glowing blue chain. After pulling the chain tight, the boy will be able to get through a gate. Push a metal stopper down the ramp and wedge it beneath the gate so Trico can follow. The barrel is in an easily-visible alcove straight ahead from that gate.



Part 5: The Glass Eyes

Food Barrel 27: After pulling the switch and returning to the room with Trico, climb the ledges in the back right corner to find a hanging chain. Climb that hanging chain to reach a platform with the barrel.

Food Barrel 28 and 29: From the raised gate, lead Trico through the narrow hallway to get a view of the glass eye. On this rocky exterior, there is a high series of archways to the left when facing the glass eye. Lead Trico to the rocky wall where the arches meet. Get Trico to stand so the boy can jump onto the high platform where two barrels are hidden. You will also need to reach this platform so the boy can jump to the hanging cages.



Part 6: Another Trico

Food Barrel 30: Follow the set of train tracks from the gate, and look for a hole in the ground. Drop into the dilapidated floor beneath the tracks to find a very narrow crack in the stone wall. Squeeze into the dark passage to find the barrel at the end.



Part 7: The Branches

Food Barrel 31: While riding Trico down the large shaft after it saves the boy when he is stuck, jump off onto the ground floor and climb through the ruined area to find the barrel, which is required to progress.

Food Barrel 32: After the boy climbs up and around the ruins to disrupt the armors carrying glass eyes, opposite the balcony where the armor soldiers are located, there is a metal gate with missing bars. Crawl through the missing bars to find the barrel.

Food Barrel 33: Grab an armor head and proceed down into the hallway with headless armor suits that glow purple. Get close to the last armor suit on the right to activate it. Destroy it and enter the dark alcove behind it to get the barrel.

Food Barrel 34: When the boy is trapped in a cave with murky green water while Trico is on the wooden scaffolding above, climb out using Trico’s tail. In the room where you emerge, make Trico jump up two ledges to reach a large metal gate. Jump through the hole to get the barrel on the other side.

Food Barrel 35: After escaping the collapsing bridge, Trico will save the boy and leap across rocky ledges. You will eventually reach an arena. Clear the armors, then search for the barrel on the curved balcony overlooking the arena.

Food Barrel 36: To escape the arena, Trico will launch the boy using a wheelbarrow. At the top, open all the doors with the switches and take note of the armor helmet. Call Trico up through the upper-level door from the outside balcony, then attach the armor helmet to the soldier’s body to bringing it to life. Defeat the enemy with Trico, then get the barrel from the alcove hidden behind the armor.



Part 8: Escape

Food Barrel 37: When you drop into the shallow waterway from the narrow rock path, go to the area in the back-right corner to find the barrel.

Food Barrel 38: After using Trico to dive and swim underwater, you will appear in another enclosed cave with a metal gate at about water-level. Ignore that for now and look at the wall to the left of the gate to see a small door high on the ledge. Have Trico jump up to reach this small room with the barrel.

Food Barrel 39: After breaking out of the elevator the boy gets trapped in, grab the armor helmet and take it into the working elevator. Ride down and attach the head to the dormant armor soldier. The barrel can be found in the soldier’s alcove, behind the armor suit.



Part 9: The Depths

Food Barrel 40: From the elevator platform, you will find one remaining guard rail the boy can use to cross to the crumbled stairs. Use Trico to climb up the cave until you can squeezes through a narrow crack in the ceiling. Then, jump into the narrow path to the right in the rocky canyon and use the stairs to reach a room with the barrel.



Part 10: Taking Flight

Food Barrel 41: Once Trico flies and lands on the tower near the boy and he jumps to Trico, there will be a short cutscene. After the cutscene, go up the stairs, and enter the curved stairwell to the left. At the top, go up another set of stair to find the barrel.

Food Barrel 42 and 43: When Trico is wounded and lands on the interior ruin bridge, the boy will arrive to pull out the spears, but you both will tumble and fall down. Help Trico, and pick up the mirror that falls from Trico’s mouth to illuminate the stacked mine carts. Destroy the carts to find two barrels behind them.

Food Barrel 44 and 45: In the same area as the previous barrels, climb up the ruins to find a hanging chain. Jump to it and climb. At the top is a passage covered with rubble. Behind the rubble are two barrels.



Part 12: The White Tower

Food Barrel 46: While outside the huge white stone tower, use Trico (and the mirror) to target and destroy the four balconies where armor soldiers are throwing spears. After clearing the enemies, make Trico stand tall so the boy can jump up and enter the third balcony passage from the left to find the barrel inside.

Food Barrel 47: While outside the huge white stone tower, the boy will open the gate that leads to interior stairs. From that switch, run right and look down to find a secret ledge below with the barrel. Find the closest ledge to the platform you are standing on, then carefully lower the boy down using Trico’s tail.

Food Barrel 48: After riding the elevator to the upper levels of the tower, exit and explore the circle area. There are lots of broken barrels, but there is one barrel mixed in that is not broken.


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