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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin – How to Obtain Eggs

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How to Obtain Eggs

1. Eggs can be found in the Egg Nest located somewhere within a Monster Den.


When you approach eggs in a nest, an icon will appear. Press A to pick one up.




2. When you pick up an egg, you should move towards the exit of the den. Please keep in mind that carrying an egg will slow you down.


3. An egg will become yours once you carry it out of the den. Take the egg to the Stables in order to hatch it.



Losing Eggs

If you make physical contact with a monster while carrying an egg, a battle will begin. If you lose that battle, you will also lose the egg.



Tips for Obtaining Eggs

Navirou’s Comments

When you pick up an egg, Navirou will comment on its weight and smell. The heavier the egg’s weight, the higher the probability that a strong monster is inside. The stronger the smell, the higher the probability that the monster will have rare genes.


Exchanging Eggs

As long as eggs remain in the nest, you can exchange the one you have for another one. If you did not get the egg you wanted, try picking up a new one. However, remember to stay alert while you are choosing an egg, as a sleeping monster may awaken, or suddenly return home to its nest and attack you. Be careful not to overstay your welcome.


Causing a Monster to Retreat to Its Den

After battling with a monster, it may retreat to its den. When you follow it back to its den, you are guaranteed to get one of its eggs. If there is a Monstie you are eager to have, try battling a monster and making it retreat.


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