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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin – Weapons & Armor Guide

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There are six weapons to choose from: the great sword, the sword & shield, the hammer, the hunting horn, the bow, and the gunlance. Each weapon performs one of three attack types: slashing, blunt, or piercing. Depending on the effectiveness of an attack type against a specific monster’s physiology, the amount of damage inflicted when attacking its parts will differ.



  • Great Sword

This slash-type weapon is known for its “Charge” skills that fill up the Charge Gauge and allow you to unleash powerful skills.


The Charged Slash skill inflicts massive damage on one enemy, while the True Wide Slash skill targets all enemies at once.



  • Sword & Shield

This slash-type weapon offers a great balance between offense and defense.


Featuring elemental skills unique to each weapon, the sword & shield is known for its “Counter” skill that will allow you to guard against attacks and then quickly follow up with an attack of your own.



  • Hammer

This blunt-type weapon is particularly effective when breaking monster parts.


By winning Head-to-Heads, you can raise your Charge Gauge and gain access to powerful skills that will deal great damage against parts.


Hammers feature “Chaser” skills, which deal greater damage to enemies currently affected by abnormal statuses.



  • Hunting Horn

This blunt-type weapon is optimized for team support and comes equipped with various skills to help your allies in battle.


Featuring skill sets such as “Melody,” “Music,” and “Song,” the hunting horn offers a wide range of abilities.



  • Bow

This piercing-type weapon is designed for attacks that inflict abnormal statuses.


By using the “Charge” skill, you can improve your chances of inflicting abnormal statuses on your next turn.


Another benefit of using the “Charge” skill is that on your next turn, in addition to your chosen attack, you will also perform a Power Shot.



  • Gunlance

This piercing-type weapon fires shells at the enemy. With each turn, your ammo will increase. You can also increase the amount of ammo by winning Head-to-Heads. The type of skill you can use depends on the amount of ammo you have.


By using skills and winning Head-to-Heads, you can greatly charge the Kinship Gauge. However, normal attacks are not effective in charging the Kinship Gauge, and Double Attacks are harder to perform than when using other weapon types.


When your Kinship Gauge is full, you can activate Wyvern’s Fire. This skill will use all of your Kinship Gauge, but will inflict great damage on all enemies.



Weapon Status


This shows the weapon’s element and attack power.




This shows the weapon’s defensive power.



Crit Rate

This shows the likelihood that you will land a critical hit when attacking. Critical hits inflict more damage on enemies.




This shows the bonuses the weapon is equipped with.




This is the active skill you can use when equipping the weapon.




This shows the upgrade level of the weapon. As the weapon levels up, its stats will increase.




Armor consists of a full-body garment and is not separated into individual pieces for different body parts. When equipped, it will change the whole body’s appearance.


By accessing “Equipment” or “Options” on the Camp Menu, you can choose whether to display your head armor.


You can change your Layered Armor by accessing the Chest in Your House.


Note: Choosing not to display your head armor will not affect the armor’s abilities. Furthermore, even when wearing Layered Armor, the abilities of the armor you are wearing beneath it will remain unchanged.



Armor Status


This shows the armor’s defensive power and the element that the armor has the strongest resistance against.



Weak Point

This shows the element that will inflict the greatest damage on the armor.




These are the passive skills that the armor is equipped with. Armor can have a maximum of three skills.




This is the armor’s upgrade level. As the armor levels up, its stats will increase.


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