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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin – How to Combine Items


How to Combine Items

By selecting “Combine” on the Camp Menu, you can mix items together to make new ones.


You can increase the effectiveness of many items by combining them with others. Combo recipes will give you access to more combinations, so try collecting them and see what kind of helpful items you can make!



How to Combine

  • 1. Select “Combine” on the Camp Menu to see a list of the items you can create by combining materials. Navigate to the one you would like to create.


  • 2. You can choose how many items you would like to create by combining. The amount of materials you will use depends on the number of times you combine them.


  • On the screen, you can view the amount of each material required, so please remember to check this number and plan accordingly.


  • Press A to combine the maximum number of times possible. When you have finished settling all the details, navigate to the “Combine” button and press Y to combine your items.





Obtaining Books of Combos (Recipes)

You can collect Combo Recipes by advancing through the story, completing Subquests, or by trading in Bottle Caps at Melynx Inc.


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