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Lords of Magic: Special Edition Cheats

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  • zilla = 1 Dragon will be added to the currently selected party. Note that if no party is selected, the code will do nothing. If the selected party is in a building, or the party is full, a new party will start to form next to the current party with a dragon, and more dragons can be added to this new party until it is full, then it creates another party indefinitely. The most recently created dragon will not show up on your party bar until you move, but this is only a minor cosmetic lag; the dragon is still present.


  • Bingo = +200 each of Ale, Gold, and Crystals. When used on the first turn, it makes no sound, but this code will make the turn cycling sound on all subsequent turns. This sound does not affect gameplay.


  • go far = 1,000 movement points for currently selected party. If no party is selected, this code does nothing. This code does not go above 1,000 movement points, even if used again, and instead resets movement points. This can allow you to move infinitely during a given turn. Note that the 1,000 movement points will be reset by using the code again, but that you can get over 1,000 if you cast a movement spell in addition. You do not need this extra boost because you can reset to 1,000 when you run low, so this is generally a moot point.


  • All spells = Permanently grant the current playthrough knowledge of all learnable spells. This code does not allow mages to use spells of different faiths, nor does it allow you to use unique spells attached to artifacts, but it does give you the knowledge of all spells that can be learned in all libraries. Spell knowledge can be used in bartering and holds great value. Spells are not lost in bartering, but each spell can only be given to each faith once. (You can give the Water faith the spell Spirit Arrow once, and you can give the same Spirit Arrow to Fire once, but you cannot give Spirit Arrow to Water twice, as they will already know of it the first time.) In addition to learning all of the spells, this code will give all mages in the currently selected party 1,000 mana points. Using the code again will reset the mana to 1,000 in a similar way you ‘go far’ resetting movement points.


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