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Crusaders of Might and Magic Cheats

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Press [Enter] during gameplay, then type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.


Note: The minus (-) sign MUST be included in the codes where shown.




Code – Result:

  • EMBIGGENME – God mode


  • CRAZYGUY – All spells and mana


  • WHOAH – Flight mode [1]


  • UBERLOAD – Random level jump


  • SHOWFPS – Show framerate


  • CALCFPS – Calculate framerate


  • DEBUG – Show debug information


  • BOUNDINGBOX – Draw bounding boxes around objects


  • 3DNOW! – AMD’s 3DNow! support on/off


  • CSWIRE – Landscape on/off


[1]. Press the Left Mouse Button to fly faster or the Right Mouse Button to fly slower.


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