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Heroes of Might & Magic III HD Cheat Codes

Heroes of Might & Magic III HD Cheat Codes

Press TAB to bring up the cheats console, then enter the codes below for the corresponding effects.


  • nwconlyamodel – All castle buildings built


  • nwcsirrobin – Fail immediately


  • nwctrojanrabbit – Succeed immediately


  • nwcavertingoureyes – Hero gains extra 35 archangel


  • nwcantioch – Hero gains tent, ballista, ammo


  • nwcigotbetter – Hero gains 1 level


  • nwccastleanthrax – Hero maxes luck


  • nwccoconuts – Unlimited move points for hero


  • nwcmuchrejoicing – Hero maxes morale


  • nwcalreadygotone – Secret item map revealed


  • nwcgeneraldirection – Full map revealed


  • nwcshrubbery – All source increased


  • nwctim – Hero gains maximum magic and 999 spel points


  • nwfleshwound – Hero acquires Death Knights


  • nwcphisherprice – Brighter Colors


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