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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Android Cheats

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Android Cheats

Extra Energy 

On each of the different floors, you can get extra energy by touching certain objects.



House elf


Lower Floor West:

Fire lamp on the right side of the great hall doorway.


Castle Grounds:

Brown stick, in between Whomping Willow and Hagrid’s Hut (Fang appears and runs off with the stick).



All Class Quiz Answers (First Year)

Potions Class

Who wrote the book “Magical Draughts and Potions?”

Arsenius Jigger.


What kind of cauldron do first years need to use?



What is the best way to extract juice from the Sopophorous Bean?

Crush it.


Which ingredient is not used in the Shrinking Solution?

Rotten Egg.



Flying Class

What do you say to summon a broom to your hand?



Which of these is not a variety of broom?



A Firebolt is a type of what?



Where are flying lessons held?

The Training Ground


Who is the Flying Professor?

Madam Hooch


Who is the Potions Professor?

Severus Snape


Who is the Divination Professor?

Professor Trelawney


Madam Hooch has distinct yellow what?



What is the name of America’s magical government?



No spell yet devised allows a wizard to do what?

Fly Unaided




Why would you Cast Alohomora?

Unlock a Door.


Which of these is not a cleaning spell?



What kind of spell is Flipendo?



What is the effect of the Stupefy spell?

Stun You.


What does the charm Lumos provide?



Who teaches care of magical creatures?

Silvanus Kettleburn.


Who is the History of Magic Professor?

Professor Binns.


What does Professor Vector teach?



Who is the Transfiguration Professor?

Professor Minerva McGonagall.


Before Dumbledore, who was the headmaster of Hogwarts?

Armando Dippet


What is the name of the wizard village near Hogwarts?



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