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Just Cause 4 Cheats

Just Cause 4 Cheats

Easy Chaos Points

Find yourself a powerful vehicle. For example Spectre Attack Heli. You can find one in Prospero Astillero in Delta Rio Wanay, as one example. This is an attack helicopter that comes complete with 100 missiles.


Travel to any Black Hand base, whether the rebels own it or not, and seek out the red structures. These include power boxes, pylons, radar dishes, there are tons of different items you can exploit – but all have a similar red color scheme.


Using rockets you can disable nearly all of these structures with a single rocket hit. With 100 Rockets per round, it’s quite easy to completely fill your Chaos Bar in a single trip. That’s the best way to How To Earn Chaos Points Fast In Just Cause 4.



Unlocking More Pilots

Below is a brief breakdown on how to unlock each pilot. It’s all very simple, tied directly to the level of influence of the Army of Chaos. Progressing through the game, liberating different regions, destroying enemy equipment, it all goes toward your Army of Chaos level.


  • Unlocked through story progression.


  • Unlocked through story progression.


  • Reach Army of Chaos Level 4.


  • Reach Army of Chaos Level 6.


  • Reach Army of Chaos Level 9.


  • Reach Army of Chaos Level 11.


  • Reach Army of Chaos Level 14.


That’s How To Unlock More Pilots In Just Cause 4. You can also secure factories scattered throughout the game world to increase Production Speed, which reduces the time it takes for your pilots to refuel – making them accessible quicker.


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