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Gears Tactics – Moving and Flanking

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Moving and Flanking

In Gears Tactics, each member of your team initially has 3 APs (Action Points). Each AP can be used to move, shoot, reload, throw a grenade, etc. When you move, the consumption of AP will depend on the distance you travel. Note that going over a wall or through an obstacle will not require additional APs.



Moving in Steps

In addition to the normal movement mode, which automatically adjusts your soldier’s trajectory according to the obstacles encountered in the field, it is possible to move in steps to be more precise with your Gears’ movements. This will allow you, for example, to bypass an enemy overwatch zone or to optimize your use of APs.


To place a step point on PC, use Ctrl+Mouse1. On Xbox One, press LT+A.



Cover and Flanking

The Gears Tactics battles, like the other games in the Gears of War series, are based on the proper use of covers. As a result, your men, just like your enemies, will use walls and other obstacles within their reach to reduce damage and decrease the chances of being hit.


To counteract the advantages of covers, you will need to make a tactical flank and place one of your men behind a defensive position. In doing so, you will completely cancel the cover bonuses of the target while obtaining a big boost in critical chance, the value of which can be seen by using the Tac-Com. Note that what is valid for you is also valid for the Locusts, as they are quite capable of flanking you.


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