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Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour: Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys

Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour: Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys

EA finally dropped all their legendary games on Steam, yeah & the flashiest gotta be those C&C titles… Command and Conquer: Generals – Zero Hour, that’s the expansion for the 2003 hit, Command & Conquer: Generals. Zero Hour throws in some cool new stuff – extra abilities, units for each side & this fresh mode called Generals’ Challenge, plus a bunch more updates & bug fixes.


The game’s got 3 new campaigns, five missions each, order goes: USA, GLA, then China. Unlike the old missions, these ones bring back the C&C vibe with real video briefings from news reporters, giving you the scoop & mission intel. Picks up right where the last game left off.


In this guide, we’re listing down all the PC keyboard shortcuts & hotkeys for C&C Generals Zero Hour, so bookmark this for quick tips.



General Hotkeys/Commands:

  • Select a unit: Left-click


  • Add a unit to selection: Shift + Left-click


  • Select all on-screen units of a type: Press E or double Left-click


  • Select all units of the same type on the map: Double-tap E


  • Navigate between units: Use the Left/Right arrow keys for previous/next unit


  • Navigate between Dozers/Workers: Use the Up/Down arrow keys for previous/next


  • Select all combatants: Press Q


  • Create a group: Hold Ctrl and press a Number key


  • Select a group: Press the corresponding Number key


  • View a group: Hold Alt and press a Number key


  • Focus on a group and their location: Double-tap the corresponding Number key


  • Jump to the last radar event: Press the Spacebar


  • Jump to the Command Centre: Press H


  • Fast scroll: Right-click, hold, and move



Combat Commands:

  • Force Fire: Ctrl + Click


  • Attack move: A + Click


  • Guard: G + Click


  • Stop: Press S


  • Scatter: Press X


  • Set Waypoints: Alt + Click(s)


  • Formation: Ctrl + F



Utility Commands:

  • Access Diplomacy/Communicator/Mission Objectives: Press TAB


  • Toggle Command Bar Display: Press F9


  • Options Menu: Press ESC


  • Take a Screenshot: Press F12



Camera Controls:

  • Set Camera Bookmark: Ctrl + F1-8


  • Go to Camera Bookmark: Press F1-8


  • Rotate Camera: Use the Number Pad 4 (left) or 6 (right), or hold the mouse wheel & move


  • Zoom Camera: Use the Number Pad 8 (in) or 2 (out), or scroll the mouse wheel


  • Reset Camera to Default: Press Number Pad 5 or click the mouse wheel




  • Open chat: Press Enter


  • Team chat: Press Backspace


  • Place Beacon: Ctrl + B


  • Make Units cheer: Ctrl + C



USA Structures and Units Commands

USA Structures (When Dozer or Building is Selected)

  • Command Center: C


  • Cold Fusion Reactor: R


  • Control Rods: C


  • Barracks: B


  • Capture Building: C


  • Flash Bang: F


  • Supply Center: U


  • Chinook: C


  • Patriot Missile: M


  • War Factory: A


  • TOW Missiles: W


  • Airfield: F


  • Rocket Pods: P


  • Laser Missiles: L


  • Strategy Centre: Y


  • Bombardment: B


  • Hold the Line: O


  • Search & Destroy: D


  • Advanced Training: A


  • Composite Armour: C


  • Drone Armour: R


  • Supply Drop Zone: Z


  • Detention Camp: D


  • Particle Cannon: P



USA Units (When Construction Building Selected)

  • Ranger: A


  • Missile Defender: M


  • Col. Burton: B


  • Pathfinder: P


  • Crusader: C


  • Humvee: V


  • Ambulance: A


  • Tomahawk: T


  • Paladin: P


  • Raptor: T


  • Aurora Bomber: A


  • Stealth Fighter: F


  • Chinook: C



China Structures and Units Commands

China Structures (When Dozer is Selected)

  • Mines (All Chinese buildings): M


  • Command Centre: C


  • Nuclear Reactor: R


  • Overcharge: O


  • Barracks: B


  • Capture Building: C


  • Gattling Cannon: G


  • Bunker: K


  • Supply Centre: U


  • Supply Truck: T


  • War Factory: A


  • Black Napalm: N


  • Chain Gun: C


  • Airfield: F


  • MiG Armour: A


  • Propaganda Centre: P


  • Subliminal Messaging: U


  • Nationalism: N


  • Speaker Tower: T


  • Nuclear Missile: M


  • Uranium Shells: U


  • Nuclear Tanks: T



China Units (When Construction Building Selected)

  • Red Guard: G


  • Tank Hunter: T


  • Hacker: A


  • Hack Internet: I


  • Disable Unit: D


  • Black Lotus: B


  • Capture: C


  • Vehicle Hack: V


  • Cash Hack: K


  • Battlemaster: B


  • Troop Crawler: T


  • Dragon Tank: D


  • Firewall: F


  • Gattling Tank: G


  • Nuke Cannon: U


  • Inferno Cannon: I


  • Overlord: O


  • Gattling Upgrade: C


  • Speaker Tower Upgrade: T


  • Bunker Upgrade: B



GLA Structures and Units Commands

GLA Structures (When Worker is Selected)

  • Command Centre: C


  • Worker: W


  • Supply Stash: U


  • Worker: W


  • Barracks: B


  • Capture Building: C


  • Arms Dealer: A


  • Scorpion Rocket: K


  • Tunnel Network: N


  • Stinger Site: T


  • Demo Trap: D


  • Palace: P


  • Camouflage: C


  • Toxin Shells: T


  • Anthrax Beta: A


  • Arm the mob: M


  • Black Market: M


  • AP Bullets: B


  • AP Rockets: R


  • Radar Scan: C


  • Junk Repair: J


  • Buggy Ammo: A


  • SCUD Storm: O



GLA Units (When Construction Building Selected)

  • Rebel: B


  • RPG Trooper: G


  • Terrorist: T


  • Hijacker: I


  • Hijack Unit: J


  • Angry Mob: A


  • Jarmen Kell: J


  • Scorpion: S


  • Technical: T


  • Radar Van: V


  • Quad Cannon: U


  • Toxin Tractor: A


  • Contaminate Area: C


  • Bomb Truck: O


  • Disguise Button: D


  • Upgrade w/ High Explosive: O


  • Upgrade w/ BioBomb: B


  • Rocket Buggy: B


  • SCUD Launcher: L


  • Go to Explosive: P


  • Go to Anthrax: A


  • Marauder: M


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