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BATTLETECH – Troopers / Skirmishers / General Assault

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Troopers et al. are known for their reliability. They don’t have many weaknesses and are typically designed to function even after taking absurd amounts of damage. It is for this reason that Troopers are used to hold the battlefield.




  • Well-balanced arsenal suited to take on any task.


  • Heavily armored


  • Good heat efficiency




  • Average speed holds it back from securing advanced positions.


  • Can take on Brawlers, but will either end up losing or coming out near totaled.


  • Can fight back against fire support units but will eventually crumble without support.




Troopers are typically average in speed and thus are ineffective at leading charges. However, they are much better armored and equipped than those at the tip of your formation and thus excel at supporting the rest of your lance. They can cover the flanks of Brawlers, set up a forward position to intercept enemies approaching your fire support units, or move in to assist cavalry and strikers engaging targets at medium to close range.


When a battle begins, you should carefully examine your opponent’s composition. Troopers’ generalized nature leads them to be individually weak against brawlers and long-range support mechs. As a result, you should aim to position troopers in a way that the respective enemy mechs are not able to fully utilize their arsenal. It is important to also be mindful of ally weaknesses, however. Brawlers can sometimes be flanked, or cavalry can start running hot and get bogged down in combat. Thus, you should always attempt to keep troopers near allies, not only so that you can support them but so that they can cover your own weaknesses.


When battles progress, you want to start pressing with troopers. Their speed hinders them a bit, but their good all-around firepower, armor, and heat sinking efficiency allow them to stay in the fight more so than any other class. Keep evasion and cover-up to limit damage taken, and pour fire down on enemies. Be sure to stay out of melee range, however, as this will allow mechs that are overheating to fight back.



Common Trooper Mechs:

Vindicator – The Vindicator is well armored and mounts weapons to handle any engagement. It can additionally jump and runs relatively cool, even when firing more of its weapons.


Enforcer – Mounts a large laser and AC/10, allowing it to punch two fairly large holes in targets at once. It’s jump capable and mounts a decent amount of armor. Relatively heat neutral.


Centurion – Though slightly under armored, the Centurion mounts an AC/10, LRM-10, and a pair of medium lasers, allowing it to deal with targets however it sees fit. A good addition to any lance and can fill multiple roles.


Thunderbolt – While it lacks the jump jets and heat capacity of others in its class, the Thunderbolt is extremely well armored and has an excellent loadout in regard to weaponry. It can engage targets effectively from any distance.


Zues – Fast for an assault, the Zues mounts a well-balanced loadout utilizing an AC/5, LRM-15, and large laser for its primary weapon systems. It runs practically heat neutral as well, allowing the user to make use of its arsenal whenever and where necessary readily.


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