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BATTLETECH – Terminology

BATTLETECH - Terminology

Alpha Strike – When a mech fires ALL its weapons, this is called an Alpha Strike.


Beta Strike – When an Orion gets its head caved in by an AC/20. This is known as a Beta Strike.


Battlemech – The huge humanoid, multi-ton war machines powered by fusion reactors. Also known simply as ‘Mechs


Campaign – The single player campaign where you move around the map in your dropship.


Dropship – Spaceships that carry mechs through space, traveling from Jumpships and capable of landing on planets.


Evasive Pips – The white chevrons “>>>” that appear beside a unit’s nameplate. The more evasive pips a unit has, the harder it is to be shot.


Initiative Phase – A round is made up of five initiative phases. Units are designated to move on specific phases depending on several factors such as: size, type of unit, skills, and some status effects.


Initiative Track – The ui element in the top middle of the screen displays the current phase and which units have acted or need to act.


Interleaved Mode – When there are enemy units in sensor range, the combat game forces you to take turns moving a single unit at a time. See also Initiative Track.


Heat – When most weapons fire, they will generate heat. Generate too much and your mech can take damage or even shutdown.


Jumpship – Spaceships that carry dropships and jump (teleport) between star systems.


Lance – For this game a lance usually means just a group of units, usually around 4. Consider this like a squad in other games.


LOS/Line of Sight – Can a line be drawn from one mech to another without being blocked by obstacles.


Non-Interleaved Mode – When there are no enemies on radar, the combat game allows you to move all of your units at once.


Mech – See Battlemech


Mech Class/Size – Light 20-35 tons, Medium 40 – 55 tons, Heavy 60 – 75 tons, Assault 80-100 tons. This classification applies to vehicles as well.


Mechwarrior – The human pilots of Mechs.


Merc/Mercenary Unit – Soldiers for hire that accept contracts.


Round – The time it takes for everyone to activate their units. Five initiative phases long.


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