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BATTLETECH – Weapon Types

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Weapon Types

Energy – Generates as much heat as they do damage but no ammo issues.

Ballistic – Are great at knocking mechs over and generate little heat. The bigger the number the shorter the range.

Missiles – Are great at the range they are made for but rubbish outside of it. The bigger the number, the more missiles are fired.

Support – Flamers, shared with small lasers, and machine guns. Support weapons fire when engaging in melee and always ignore evasion pips. Flamers in particular can shutdown opposing Heavy/Assault mech’s through overheating them.

Weapons that have long range like PPC, Large Laser, AC10, AC5 can shoot people out of your vision range, you can check their in-game range, and LRMs and AC2 have extreme range. You can manipulate the spotter initiative with reserve option to get the most out of your snipers.


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