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BATTLETECH – Dealing against Defensive Buffs

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Dealing against Defensive Buffs

However these buffs are also used by enemy mechs. Realistically, the best decision is to not deal with this at all in the first place. Choose the enemy mech with the least amount of buffs then Focus Fire. A mech is not likely to survive 4 mechs worth of Alpha Strikes. If he does survive, he will most likely suffered enough stability damage to be Unsteady and won’t have the chance to sprint or even Knocked down.


Assuming that there is no other targets that you can choose, and all remaining targets have these buffs, these are the ways to deal with them.



Ways to deal with Evasion:

-Sensor Lock removes 2 charges.
-Remove each charge one by one.
-Precision Shot bonus accuracy almost negates the effects of evasion.
-Melee ignores Evasion and removes 1 charge, and an extra 1 more if you have a support weapon.
-Deal enough Stability Damage to make a mech Unsteady thus removing ALL charges.



Ways to deal with Guarded and Entrenched:

-Breaching Shot pilot skill.
-Attack from the rear arc.
-Melee ignores Guarded.
-Knock Down the enemy mech.


As you can see, there are items that are similar in both list, that is to Deal sufficient Stability Damage and to use Melee.


At early game, Sensor Lock is the only efficient way of dealing with Evasion but that still leaves you with 2 charges assuming that the enemy has sprinted a considerable distance. Melee is also usable but realistically lighter mechs does not deal enough Melee damage to be decisive and closing in to do multiple melee attacks will most likely leave you with less evasion charges, risky for lighter mechs.


Later on, Melee is more decisive but I still wouldn’t suggest it as it will most likely leave your mechs out of position, more vulnerable to focus fire. Since there are more enemy and you’re most likely outnumbered, you do not want to get to Melee range at the start of the battle. I would only use melee if there are only 1 to 2 enemy mechs left.


The best solution that is left is to deal a significant amount of Stability Damage.


Requirements for this strategy:

-Have a pilot with high Gunnery stat, about 6 or above.
-Mount at least an LRM40 or SRM24
-Use an LRM+ or SRM+ Variant with bonus Stability Damage.
-Sensor Lock is nice to have but in no way Required.


LRM+ and SRM+ variants are common in the shop later, even an LRM20+ with just bonus 1 stability damage will be able to overwhelm a mech with 4 Evasion charges to make it Unsteady. I use an LRM40+++ King Crab and its LRM volley is enough to fill up the whole Stability Damage bar of even Entrenched mechs with 4 Evasion charges.


It basically boils down to when you have a heavy enough mech, Missile the enemy until the buffs are gone.


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