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ATOM RPG – Crafting Recipes Guide

ATOM RPG - Crafting Recipes Guide

Weapons, Explosives & Ammo

Pistols & SMGs

Zip Gun(10):

2x Scrap Metal + Wood Log/Club + Wire/Rope


Double barreled Zip Gun(30):

Zip gun + 2x Scrap Metal + Rope/Wire + Empty Tin Can


Custom air pistol(30):

Zip gun + Scrap Metal + Fire Extinguisher + Plastic Bottle


Custom Revolver(20):

Zip Gun + Scrap Metal + 2x Nails + Electrical Tape


Capsule Revolver(30):

Custom Revolver + Scrap Metal + 2x Empty Tin Can + Electrical Tape/Wires


Capsule Revolver+(45):

Capsule Revolver + Scrap Metal + 2x Electrical Tape + Toolbox*


Quality Samopal(40):

Zip gun + 2x Scrap Metal + Rope/Wire + Toolbox*


Triple Barreled Samopal(45):

Double Barreled Zip Gun + 2x Scrap Metal + Rope/Wire + Toolbox*



Rifles & Crossbows

Pipe Rifle(10):

2x Scrap Metal + Wood Log/Club + Electrical Tape


Custom Double Barrel shotgun(30):

Pipe Rifle + Scrap Metal + Rope/Wire + Empty Can


Custom Triple Barrel shotgun(40):

Custom Double Barrel shotgun + 2x Scrap Metal + Wood Log + Empty Plastic Bottle


Custom Quad Barrel Shotgun(50):

Custom Triple Barrel shotgun + Scrap Metal + 2x Rope/Wire + Toolbox*


Self-made Rifle(35):

Pipe Rifle + Scrap Metal + 3x Magnifying Glass + 2x Empty Can


Rifle with Clip(50):

Self-made Rifle + 2x Scrap + 2x Wire + Tire Part


Sniper Rifle(50):
Rifle with Clip + Scrap Metal + 2x Electrical Tape + Toolbox*


Custom Crossbow(10):

2x Log + Rope + Babushka Scarf


Wooden Crossbow(?):

Scrap Metal + Rope + Babushka Scarf


Metal Crossbow(?):

2x Wooden Crossbow + 2x Scrap Metal + 3x Tin Can + 2x Rope


Heavy Crossbow(?):

2x Wooden Crossbow + Scrap Metal + 3x Rope/Wire + Toolbox*



Melee Weapons

Quality Knife(3):

Knife + Sharpening Stone



Electrical Tape + Spoon/Fork + Brick/Sharpening Stone


Broken Bottle(1):

Brick + Glass Bottle



Broken Shovel Handle + Nails + Scrap Metal


Spiked Club(5):

Club + Nails


Cudgel / Blackjack(10):

Scrap Metal + Brik/Sharpening Stone


Stone Knife(10):

Stone Tool + Electrical Tape + Sharpening Stone




Homemade Incendiary Grenade(20):

Ant Salivary Gland + Gasoline/Diesel + Soap


Molotov Cocktail(20):

Glass Bottle + Gasoline/Diesel + Bandanna/Scarf


Custom Made Grenade(10):

Empty Can + 2x Gunpowder + 2x Wire


Explosive with a makeshift timer(60):

2x Dynamite stick + wire + alarm clock + lantern battery





Tire Armor:

2x Tire Piece + Camouflage/Khaki/Spotted – Bandana + Wire + Scrap Metal


Thorny Armor:

Scrap Metal + Rabbit Skin + Rope/Wire + 2x Nails


Steel Breastplate:

3x Scrap Metal + 2x Rabbit Skin + 3x Rope/Wire + Toolkit


Leather Breastplate:

2x Rabbit Skin + 2x Babushka Scarf + 2x Rope/Wire + Toolkit


Wild Shield:

2x Wood Log + Nails


Wrought Shield:

2x Wood Log + 2x Scrap Metal + Rope/Wire + 2x Tire Piece


DIY Respirator:

Plastic Bottle + Wire + Babushka Scarf


DIY Helmet:

2x Scrap Metal + Babushka Scarf + 2x Electrical Tape + Nails



Consumables & Other Stuff



Toilet Paper/ Waste Paper + Tobacco



Toilet Paper/ Waste Paper + Devil’s Weed


Corned Meat:

Salt + Meat


Healing Powder:

Herb Collection + Camouflage/Khaki/Spotted – Bandana + Rotten amanita


Wolf Antidote:

Onion + Milk + Rotten amanita


Salted Fish:

Three eyed catfish/Gorbach/Horned Smelt + Salt


Animal Potion:

Old shoe + Brine + Moonshine + Amanita(Mushroom)



Other Stuff/Quest Items:

Rotten Amanita:

Amanita(Mushroom) + 2x Magnifying Glass + Waste Paper/Pan


Fishing Rod:(not working in 1.04)

Rope + Electrical Tape + Nails + Empty Plastic Bottle


A Bag:

Babushka Scarf + 2x Wire + Plastic Bottle


Weird Doll:

Corn + Toadstool + Nails


Shield of Count Roevsky:

Super Glue + 4x Shield Pieces


Stone Knife:

Stone Tool + Electrical Tape + Sharpening Stone



Broken Shovel Handle + Nails + Scrap Metal


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