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AMPLITUDE: A Visual Novel – Jon’s Route


Jon’s Route

This is very straightforward. Michelle can be found at the shopping district. She will ask you for help the first time around. Finish this quest (‘Cam, the Cafe Owner’) and she will be available to date. There is no fail trigger on her route.


Also quite easy. There are several dead-end triggers here but all can be avoided by making sure you always have at least 1000 omegas and a cake in your inventory. Meet her by working at the Korean Restaurant at night. However, meeting her Bravery requirement could be a challenge to some.

Triggers to watch for:
-You need at least 120 bravery before the second event.
-You need at least 160 bravery before the last event. Choose “Screw my reputation.”


Available first at the Downtown and then at the City Central. Her route progression is based on a string of quests she sends you (‘Brat to a Man’, ‘Poison’) and she will always remind you. As long as you are considerate to her sister, it won’t be difficult to make decisions to appease her. For the nail bomb, you’ll need a Sassy Soda from the vending at the City Central.

Triggers to watch for:
-On house visit, choose “You’ll be lonely without me.” or “Nothing.”
-Conversation about Grace, choose “Grace is a Malkavia.” and “Do as Jon says.”


Birthday Gift: Cute Pillow
Item: Cakes
She can be found at school. Her route is also straightforward AND profitable xD

Triggers to watch for:
-Gossiping girls event, choose “I don’t know.” and “Do as Jon says.”
-Bedside conversation, choose “They are.”
Any of these two would enter you into the romance route. Failing to do so would put you on friendship route.


Now we’re getting to the complicated routes. Grace is available after accepting the quest to interview her. She will be at central park or the corporate district. Between her second and third event, meet her at the afternoon (City Central) for ‘hang-outs’. Between the third and fourth event, ask her for ‘hang-outs’ at night (Corporate District).

Triggers to watch for:
-About change, choose “It can’t be helped.” or “There must be a reason.”
-Hang out with her before April 30th until she offers to make a date.
-At the night of the 30th, do not forget to go to the cinema. You can miss this event if you accidentally trigger another day-long event. Save before you do anything on the 30th.
-When talking to Soul, choose “May I stay with her forever?” or choose “I think I like you a little too much.” at the conversation with Grace to enter her romance route.
-Do all of the above before the acid rain incident.
-Choose to visit Grace after the acid rain incident.


Birthday Gift: PCB
Available at school. Decision in Eric’s route is not so intuitive at times, so think before you make one. Look beyond his easygoing facade. I have noted the ones with dead-end triggers below.

Triggers to watch for:
-Soul’s question about Jon and Eric, choose “It’s impossible.” or “I can’t.”
-Talks with Eric, choose “You don’t have to lie to me.” then “I’m your husband.” then “I love him.”

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