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Age of Civilizations II Cheats

Age of Civilizations II Cheats

To access the console, hit F1, then in the box above, you can write, type hi, or hello. “/” means OR; it doesn’t mean the command contains a “/.”





  • addciv [TAG OF COUNTRY] – adds civilization in the selected province


  • addplayer – adds new player in the selected country


  • army – +300 warriors


  • money – +450 money


  • population – adds population to the selected province


  • civs – shows tags of all countries


  • diplomacy – +0.7 movement point


  • scale + value – change the scale of the map (values from 1-5)


  • fps – displays an FPS counter


  • war + ID1 + ID2 – start a war between 2 civilizations


  • peace + ID1 + ID2 – sign a peace between 2 civilizations at war


  • buildport – build a port in a selected province


  • buildfort – build a fort in a selected province


  • buildtower – build a tower in a selected province


  • civs – shows ID’s for every civilization (and TAGS)


  • civ – shows the ID and TAG of the selected civilization (selected province which is part of a civilization)


  • province – returns information about the selected province,


  • showids – shows the province ID’s on them provinces (Kind of like showing an army but instead of the army, it’s the province ID)


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December 25, 2018 04:36

Hi, one cheat I have discovered is #peace and the countrys ID number, also a cheat witch has recently been discovered is #war and the countrys ID number.

October 28, 2023 17:12
Reply to  Conrad

how do u do that camand

why you ask?
why you ask?
March 23, 2019 07:56

there a showarmy command too

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