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Galactic Civilizations IV Cheats

Galactic Civilizations IV Cheats

The following is a guide on how to use cheat codes in Galactic Civilizations 4. This guide includes a complete list of console commands and explains how to use them.



How to Enable & Use Cheat Codes

  • Open Epic Launcher


  • Click on your Epic Launcher settings.


  • Scroll down and click on “Galactic Civilizations IV.”


  • Check the box for “Additional Command Line Arguments.”


  • Type “cheat” ONLY —- not “-cheat” or anything else.


  • Restart your game and hit the ” ` ” or ” ~ ” key (default keybind)



Console Commands & Cheat Codes

Note: Use ”help <command>” to see more information about each command.


Result Cheat Code
The modcredits command will modify the local player’s credits by the value provided modcredits <amount>
The modpop command will change the population of the colony on the currently selected planet
This works for any player’s colony
modpop <amount>
The modcult command will modify the local player’s culture (ideology) points by the value provided modcult <amount>
The colonize command will colonize the currently selected planet for the current local player colonize <all>
The unlock command will unlock the specified tech for the local player
If no tech name is given, then all techs and culture traits will be unlocked
unlock <internal name>
A lightweight unlock command that unlocks all the techs as quickly as possible
This does nothing else and takes no parameters
The fow command will toggle the fog of war on and off
It can also select which player fog of war to show based on player index<player index> – The player index of whose fog of war should be displayed
fow <player index>
Toggles whether or not resources are required for building ships
It will also grant 1000 of every type of resource
Toggles the ability for the local player to control every player’s empire god
Activates the lighting options in the main map screen lighting
Spawns a Relic resource in a random empty location spawnrelic
Spawns an Antimatter resource in a random empty location (around a black hole) spawnantimatter
Kills all players except for the local player
Game will end
Kills the local player
Game will end



A Full List of Console Commands & Cheat Codes

  • Get credits: modcredits [amount] – modcredits 10000


  • Get population: modpop [amount] – modpop 10000


  • All the Stat names: liststat


  • Get Culture Points: modcult [amount] – modcult 100


  • Get Stat Value: modstat [statname] [amount] – modstat 100


  • Colonize planets: colonize [all], or Colonize [the selected planet]


  • Create Trade Resource: createtraderesource [internal name] [tilex] [tiley]


  • Complete production on items in the queue: finish


  • Force Event: event [ Event name]


  • Unlock Tech: unlock [Tech name]


  • Unlock all Tech: fastunlock


  • Destroy Object: destroy [object ID]


  • Fog of War: fow


  • All objetcts visible: fowtrans


  • x1000 of all Resources: resources


  • Kill a player: killplayer [player index]


  • Set siplomacy state between two players: dipstate [state] [player index1] [player index2]


  • Add Mod: addmod [module name]


  • control every player’s empire: god


  • Display FPS: fps


  • Hide UI: hideui


  • Set Government: setgov [government name]


  • Control Local Player: localplayer [player index]


  • Memory usage info: showmem


  • Console log contents: savelog [file name]


  • Thumbnails for ship components: gencompthumbs


  • thumbnails for all object gfx configs: genconfigthumbs [large]


  • Generates lean maps: genleanmaps


  • List of all commands: help


  • Clear console log: clearlog


  • Lighting options: lighting


  • unlimited range: range


  • other player rally points: showRallyPoints


  • influence lines: smoothinfluencelines


  • Primes the United Planets: upprime


  • United Planets meeting: upmeeting (once you close the debug console)


  • Spawn Ships: spawn [ship design name] [owner player index]


  • Battle Ships (Spawn): battle [ship design name] [owner player index 1] [owner player index 1]


  • Spawn Faction: spawnfaction [faction name]


  • assassination: assassination (between player and faction with closest relation not on same team)


  • Spawn artifact: spawnartifact (awards it to the weakest player).


  • random new anomaly: spawnanoamly [number of anomalies] [name of the anomaly]


  • Dead planets are usable: convertdeadplanet [planet class] [number of planets]


  • Dead planets to Thulium: convertdeadplanettothulium [number of planets]


  • Asteroids to Durantium: convertasteroidstodurantium [number of asteroids]


  • Gas Giants to Promethion: convertgasgianttopromethion [number of gas giants]


  • Spawn Elerium resource: spawnelerium [number of resources]


  • Relic resource (Spawn) : spawnrelic [number of resources]


  • Spawn Antimatter resource: spawnantimatte [number of resources]


  • Grant Tech to all: grantrandomtechtoall


  • Cheat hot keys: hotkeys


  • Run text file: run [text file name]


  • Target info: info


  • Win the game: wingame


  • Lose the game: losegame


  • Unlock all mercenaries: allmercs [next]


  • Re purchase mercenaries: resetmercs


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