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X4: Foundations – Tips & Tricks

X4: Foundations - Tips & Tricks

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

– To access the in-game Tutorials, hit H. Do the tutorials, seriously.


– There is a specific travel mode, for travelling (hit shift-1, among other ways, to activate it). There is also a scan mode, which seems to be for finding secrets and stuff (shift-2), and a long range scan mode, which seems to be for finding things like stations and secret lockboxes. (shift-3)


— Manually docking the first time was confusing as hell. Not only must you follow the easy to see green lines to the docking zone, you need to line yourself up with your pad. This is best done by looking for a hologram.


You need to roll (tilt side to side with q and e), align the front of your starship (hold mouse1 and turn to face), and get yourself lined up with the centre of the pad (z and x to put throttle backward and forward, or mousewheel also works), then hit s to go down and land.


– Remember that hitting boost (tab) drains your shields. It also drains your opponent’s shields, so consider making an effort to chase them down if they’ve just boosted away.


– To get missions you have to use the map screen, you don’t talk to people on a station. There is a tutorial for this. It details some requirements for accessing plot missions.


– Sometimes you will overhear police radio type stuff. If a tiny ship gets marked as an enemy, for whatever reason, it seems to be safe to shoot it. You get a small bounty and a small boost to relations with the local faction.


– Longscanning and scanning can be used to find secret stuff. On longscan, look out for purple pings in the world (not on the map) which are invisible to radar.


– When trying to hire people on a station, click the ship you want to add them to, then right click it and click ‘select’ in the popup menu. You can then assign them a role in the right hand hire dialogue menu.


– To sell a ship, Open the map then select the ship you want to sell, then right click on a shipyard or warf and select sell ship in the drop down.


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