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X4: Foundations – Equipment



Equipment is what ships and stations use to improve combat capabilities, functionality and defence.



Equipment includes consumables, crew, engines, shields, software, thrusters, turrets and weapons.



  • -Consumables are once off use wares launched by missiles and turrets or manually deployed at a point to perform a specific function.



  • -Crew pilot, maintain and defend ships and stations or can be used to take over other ships and stations.



  • -Engines determine the speed and acceleration of a ship.



  • -Shields create an extra regenerating layer of defence against hull damage for both ships and stations.



  • -Software adds extra functions and capabilities to a ship making piloting and ordering it around easier.



  • -Thrusters determine how quickly a ship rotates around the axes.



  • -Weapons are fired by the main battery of ships to deal damage to targets.



  • -Turrets are used by ships and stations to autonomously fire at targets.


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