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X4: Foundations – Crystal Mining Guide

X4: Foundations - Crystal Mining Guide

Crystal mining for credits;


– Head to Argon Prime.


– Explore out the snake like asteroid field in the system (noted in red hexagons on the map).


– Start at one end and focus on the asteroids.


– Notice on some asteroids a bright twinkle? Head towards these twinkles directly.


– Shoot directly at the crystal with your primary weapon when in range.


(Best not to use ammo based weapons so you gain the most profit of this venture. Weapons like; Torpedos and Missiles)


– Pick up the crystals by holding down the key that activates the device used to pull free floating items into your ships hold.



Crystal types:

Purple (Bandannite) – most common, least valuable (850cr – 1,150cr).


Blue (Menelaene) – common, a lot more valuable than purple crystals (8,500cr – 11,500cr).


Green-Yellow (Aguilite) – uncommon, a little more valuable than blue crystals (17,000cr – 23,000cr).


Orange (Mitonene) – rare, a lot more valauble than green-yellow crystals (25,555cr – 34,500cr).


White (Burnite) – very rare, extremely valuable and worth way more than orange crystals (200,000cr – 300,000cr).


– Assuming you got a pile of different crystals? Sell the crystals to a trader but make sure to pick the right one, otherwise you could lose millions in credits selling to the wrong trader! Always check your prices when selling.


It is a time consuming task finding and extracting the crystals but it is well worth it early on for quick credits.


Note: There is an achievement tied to this means of making money (Called: “Miner’s Luck”). By mining Burnite crystals you complete the achievement for mining the most valuable crystals in the game.


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