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WoW Classic – Mounts

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Each playable race has their own unique steed that they can ride once you reach appropriate level. You can ride your first mount at level 40, and can ride an even-faster one at level 60. Here’s what each race can ride:


  • Dwarf – Rams.


  • Human – Horses.


  • Gnome – Mechanostriders, a mechanical creation that closely resembles a chicken.


  • Night Elf – Nightsabers, a tiger-like creature with large fangs.


  • Orc – Wolves.


  • Tauren – Kodos, massive mammoth-like creatures that need to be large to support a beefy Tauren.


  • Troll – Raptors, bouncy dinosaur-like creatures that run on hind legs.


  • Undead – Skeletal Horses, very similar to Human horses, but they have no flesh.


  • Felsteed – Warlock mount.


  • Warhorse – Paladin mount.


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