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WoW Classic – Ignite Stacking Guide

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Ignite Stacking

A fire crit is 150% damage. When you have the Ignite talent, your fire crits will deal 210% damage theoretically, as you get 40% of your damage dealt as a DoT. 40% of 150 is 60. Add the 60% to 150% and you get the 210% damage. With that in mind, this is what ignite says:


Your critical strikes from Fire damage spells cause the target to burn for an additional 40% of your spell’s damage over 4 sec.



Here are some things that are not stated:

  • If you crit again before ignite finished dealing all of its damage, a stack of ignite will be added and the dot timer will be reset.


  • Ignite will stack up to 5 times.


  • Ignite will tick twice, at t=2s and t=4s. 20% of the crit’s damage each tick.


  • The total damage from ignite is credited to the mage with the highest ignite-generating crit on the mob at any given time.


  • This mage will lose credit when that ignite stack completes its damage OR when another higher damage crit is applied to the mob.


  • If a new crit is applied to 5 stacks of ignite, that crit will reset the ignite timer and replace either the oldest or lowest damage stack of ignite on the mob, unclear which.


  • It is possible for a fireball crit with one tick already completed to be worth more than a fresh scorch crit, thus opening up a small chance that one fireball crit can earn one mage 6 seconds of ignite credit rather than 4 if the concurrent scorch crits are on the low end of the damage range.


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