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WoW Classic – Choosing The Best Profession

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Leveling A Profession

Depending on what you want to achieve there are few categories to choose from in terms of best professions.



Money making – If you want to make money from your professions during the leveling process or even after, gathering professions Herbalism, Mining and Skinning are among the best ones to start with. It is also Fishing which is not a straight-up gathering profession but can give you a lot of profit. The best money makers are definitely Alchemy and Enchanting. Those can make you a major profit through the game. Additionally Cooking and Tailoring while not being that profitable can still be a decent money maker.



Gear making -Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and Tailoring can be useful for Plate, Leather, and Mail, Cloth users respectively.



Overall usefulness –  Engineering stands out as the best profession for those who want to PvP and for everyHunter player. It also can be extremely desired thanks to other items like Goblin Jumper Cables which can resurrect your party members. First Aid is a must-have on higher level raids and on classes that could not heal otherwise like Warriors.



Choosing certain WoW professions might be also dictated by what class and race you have chosen to play with.Druid might want to get Herbalism since they can gather Herbs without dismounting when they are in Travel form. Tanks among Druids might also want to pick up Enchanting to craft Smoking Heart of the Mountain trinket which is basically essential for them. Hunters are almost required to have Engineering to craft shells for their guns. Each Tauren should always get Herbalism especially when they are Druids as well since Cultivation perk gives them +15 bonus to this skill. Also Gnome Racial – Engineering Specialization gives them +15 bonus to Engineering skill. Blacksmith can be good profession for plate users like Warrior or Paladin, Leatherworking for Rogue, Druid, Hunter orShaman and Tailoring for Mage, Priest and Warlock.


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