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Victoria 3 – Law Categories: The Ultimate Guide

Victoria 3 - Law Categories

There are three major categories of laws with seven sub-categories in each, which themselves contain up to half a dozen specific law options.


Although laws are almost always completely independent from one another, in some sub-categories, it is not possible to move directly from one extreme to the other — the player will have to make gradual changes, first picking the intermediate laws before getting to the other extreme.



Power structure laws

  • Army Model – How your army is organized and regulated.


  • Bureaucracy – How your country is administered.


  • Church and State – The relationship between physical and spiritual governors.


  • Citizenship – Extending the rights of citizenship.


  • Governance Principles – The foundational principles and authority by which your country is governed. Determines who the Head of State is.


  • Distribution of Power – How political power is distributed. Determines who the Head of State is accountable to.


  • Internal Security – Keeping your own affairs in order.



Economy laws

  • Colonization – Your stance on establishing colonies to supplant and conquer decentralized nations.


  • Economic System – The fundamental principles of your economy.


  • Education System – For when the children are done with chimney sweeping chores.


  • Health System – Laws about the government’s involvement (or lack thereof) in providing healthcare for its citizens.


  • Policing – The priorities of the national police force.


  • Taxation – How the state raises revenue by taxing its citizens.


  • Trade Policy – Laws governing trade and the exchange of goods across borders.



Human rights laws

  • Children’s Rights – The rights and protections afforded to children.


  • Free Speech – Laws regulating free speech and right to public assembly.


  • Labor Rights – The rights of workers.


  • Migration – Controlling the flow of people.


  • Rights of Women – The legal regulations of the fairer sex.


  • Slavery – People as property.


  • Welfare – Government assistance for the income deprived.


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