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The Sims 4 PS4/Xbox One – Need Types

The Sims 4 PS4/Xbox One - Need Types

There are six types of Needs, and each must be met by different actions. Here we’ll go over each Need and give tips on how to manage them.




Nature calls. While this Need isn’t directly dangerous, if left unchecked a low Bladder can lead to…embarrassing situations. Embarrassment can worsen to Mortification, which is potentially fatal.




Unlike other Needs, increasing Fun depends on the individual Sim. Bookworms, for example, especially love reading, while active Sims will enjoy exercise. From watching TV, to playing games, reading, or dancing to music, there are plenty of ways for Sims to increase their Fun. If a Sim has low Fun, they will become Tense, which can worsen their Skills.




Like humans, Sims need to eat food to survive. This is the only Need that can directly result in death if left unchecked, but luckily, you are given plenty of time to meet this Need before it becomes dangerous. Remember, quick meals (such as Chips or Cereal) are good in a pinch, or even taking a drink of water from a sink.




Social can be increased by talking to others on computers or on the phone, but the best way is to talk to other Sims in person. Have your Sim go out and meet others or talk to other members of their Household. Inviting Sims to your House or going out to community areas are also great ways to improve Social.




Energy represents your Sim’s physical strength, and is generally regained with sleep. Energy drains as the day goes on, degrading faster when a Sim performs physical activities. When it’s low your Sim won’t want to do much beside trying to fulfill this Need, so make sure they get proper rest. Napping or drinking coffee is a good way to improve Energy in a pinch.




Your Sim’s Hygiene will decrease over time, and decreases faster while they participate in physical activities. Low Hygiene will affect their mood and social skills, or even hinder their ability to be promoted at work. The best way to increase Hygiene is to take a bath or shower.


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