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The Sims 4 PS4/Xbox One – Aspirations

The Sims 4 PS4/Xbox One – Aspirations

Aspirations are long-term goals independent of Careers, such as becoming a bodybuilder, earning a ton of money, or finding love. When choosing an Aspiration, be sure to check out all the potential paths an Aspiration category contains. For example, Nature has three paths: Freelance Botanist, The Curator, and Angling Ace. Completing Aspiration objectives grants Satisfaction Points, which can be used to buy useful rewards.


To fully maximize your Sim’s time, it’s a good idea to correlate their Aspirations and Careers—for example, a Sim who works as an Athlete and has a Bodybuilder Aspiration can often complete Career and Aspiration goals simultaneously. However, a well-rounded Sim is often a happy Sim, so feel free to choose whatever Aspirations or Careers you’d like.


You can change an Aspiration at any time, and your Sim won’t lose progress on their last Aspiration. Aspiration objectives are based off your Sim’s total life activities, so you can often start off an Aspiration with some objectives already completed. For example, if you have finished one Aspiration and have already played Video Games for at least 4 hours, you’ll have that first objective completed if you choose the Aspiration “Computer Whiz.”


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