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The Sims 4 PS4/Xbox One – Emotion Types

The Sims 4 PS4/Xbox One – Emotion Types


This is your Sim’s neutral state.



Positive Emotions

Positive Emotions often give bonuses to Skills; some bonuses are applied to all Skills, while other bonuses provide specific bonuses to certain Skills. They can also unlock special interactions and activities, or improve task completion.




Confidence is gained when your Sim completes self-improvement tasks. This can be done when brushing their teeth, psyching themselves up in the mirror, or having a good day at school. All Skills are improved with Confidence, but Charisma gets a special bonus.




Energized Sims are ready to burn off their excess energy with exercise! Physical Skills are given high bonuses.




Your Sim is feeling feisty. This is a great time to flirt with your current or future partner. Then again, your Sim will be more distracted than normal, so you might want to have them take a cold shower to calm down. Flirty gives your Sim Charisma bonuses.




Your Sim may become Focused after completing tasks that require mental effort, such as playing Chess, researching online, or completing work at home. All Mental Skills are given high bonuses.




Your Sim is feeling great! Happiness can be earned by performing enjoyable tasks such as having a great conversation, eating a good meal, or satisfying a Need. Happiness can also be inspired through the environment, such as good music or a nicely decorated room. All Skills are given a bonus while Happy.




Sims become Inspired while making creative works (like paintings, books, or meals), or by interacting with creative objects (like artworks, bonsai, or listening to music). In turn, being Inspired is a great time to create, as all Creative Skills will be given high bonuses.




Your Sim is in a fun mood, so why not take advantage of it? Goof around with their friends and family or take part in a fun activity to become Playful. Playful gives a bonus to Charisma and a high bonus to Comedy.


*Playful is the only Positive Emotions that has potentially fatal consequences. It’s all fun and games until someone becomes Hysterical!



Negative Emotions

Negative Emotions often have detrimental qualities to many, if not all, Skills. In most cases, it is best to relieve these Emotions as quickly as possible and look for ways to avoid them in the first place.


Emotions marked with * can have fatal consequences if heightened and left unchecked.




Something has ticked off your Sim. They might want to scream or break something, but there’s more productive ways to relieve their anger, such as going for a run or taking a Cold Shower. Physical and Mischievous Skills are given positive bonuses, but all other Skills are diminished.




If your Sim is forced to do the same task over and over, or if they’ve had an uneventful day at work or school, they might become Bored. Try doing something fun, like talking to another Sim, engaging in an activity your Sim enjoys, or relaxing in front of the TV. All Skills have a small detriment while Bored.




Dazed is an Emotion that is usually caused by some sort of dangerous encounter, such as electrocution, losing a fight, or getting zinged by a Weaponized Joke. Make sure to let your Sim rest when they are Dazed, since this vulnerable state can have fatal results if they continue dangerous activities. They’ll also have a severe detriment to all Skills while Dazed.




If a humiliating event happens to your Sim they may become Embarrassed. If your Sim has too many Embarrassment Moodlets stacked at once they can become Mortified, which can lead to death. Having your Sim relax in privacy or sending your Sim to bed is the best way to resolve Embarrassment. While Embarrassed, your Sim will have detriments to their Social Skills.




Feeling blue? Sadness gives bonuses to Creative Skills, but is otherwise detrimental to all other Skills. Engaging in activities that inspire Happiness— especially Creative Activities—is a great way to relieve Sadness. Another good way to relieve Sadness is to have your Sim talk with others, just like in real life!




Your Sim is stressed out, so it’s time to relax. Have your Sim take a nice bath, or sit and watch TV. They can even talk to a friend or family member, or give themselves a pep talk to the mirror. Tense Sims have a small detriment to all Skills.




This Emotion is usually a result of multiple low Needs, such as Hunger, Bladder, Energy, or Hygiene. Your Sim can also become Uncomfortable by being near a dirty surface or room. Directly solving any of these triggers can also resolve this emotion. All Skill will receive a small detriment while Uncomfortable.


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