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Tales of Maj’Eyal – Collector’s Edition Cheats

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Unlockable Races

Undead (Skeletons and Ghouls)

Kill The Master in Dreadfell to unlock one undead subrace, selected at random.




Rescue Yeek Wayist from Subject Z in the Ruined Halfling Complex as any race other than Halfling.



Doomelf (Ashes of Urh’Rok DLC)

-Kill Walrog, Kryl-Feijan, and Shasshhiy’Kaish with one character.


-Walrog can randomly spawn in dungeons with water and can be forced to spawn by killing both the dragon and naga bosses in the Eastern water dungeon.


-Kryl-Feijan can be found by entering the Dark Crypt(World map event, 24+) and letting Melinda be sacrificed.


-Shasshhiy’Kaish is summoned through a random event. This event has cultists standing next to monoliths, and killing one will start the countdown to her arrival. This event can be found in -Daikara, Mark of the Spellblaze, Elven Ruins, Reknor, and the Infinite Dungeon and has on average a ~72% chance to be found on a run (ignoring ID).


This unlock is tied to an achievement and thus cannot be obtained on Easier mode.




Find Director Hompalan on the third floor of the Ruined Halfling Complex. Shalore have a 100% chance of finding him, other races have a 30% chance. He will drop lore titled “order for Director Hompalan”. This will reveal the Old Conclave Vault on the world map to the south east.


Enter the Old Conclave Vault. This dungeon scales from levels 20 to 30. Find Healer Astelrid on the 4th floor, kill her, and collect the lore she drops to unlock Ogres.



Yeti (Embers of Rage DLC)

Use all 8 charges on the Yeti Mind Controller



Whitehoof (Embers of Rage DLC)

Defeat Nektosh the One-Horned in Krimbul Territory



Drem (Forbidden Cults DLC)

Find the expanse portal and use the code from Kroshkkur to enter a farportal dungeon. Defeat the boss of the dungeon The Amalgamation to unlock Drem.



Krog (Forbidden Cults DLC)

Quest in Last Hope with a level 20+ Antimagic Character. Ogre must be unlocked to receive the quest. All four captive Krogs must survive.



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