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Super Seducer – How to Get The Best Result

Super Seducer - How to Get The Best Result

Here’s how to get the best result (and according to achievement) for each chapter. Picking the following lines will let you get the best outcome for each chapter:



Chapter 1 – Girl on street

“Approach directly in front.”


“I just saw you and wanted to let you know you look very elegant.”


“You do most of the talking.”


“Ask what she does for a living, because she looks artistic.”


“Ask her name, then say it’s your name, too.” or “Introduce yourself”


“Sell her on one of your hobbies.”


“Programmer, and be passionate about it.” or “Programmer, but switch to talking about life philosophy.”


“Not too often, but when I like the look of someone and I’m single, why not?”


“Listen, I have a few minutes, why don’t we grab a coffee.”



Chapter 2 – 2 Girls in bar

“Ask them if they are talking about you. If they say no, then ask why not.” or “Ask them to help you choose a present for your friend.”


“Thank them for the advice and ask their names.” (Only if you asked about the present.)


“Compliment her on choosing tough subjects.”


“Do the “best friends” test on them.” or “Ask which of them is the leader.”


“Be playful about how it’s a little incongruent.”


“Give slightly more attention to the one you like.”


“Say that it’s sweet and that people with pets are generally more caring.”


“Get physical by checking her muscles.”


“Do the “Strawberry fields” routine.”


“Say it’s great that she doesn’t work and that you are jealous.”


“Ask if the girl you like is a good girl.”


“Ask if she is going to marry him.”


“Ask if he would mind you two talking.”


“Find out their plans for later and whether they live together etc.”


“Tell the girl that you’d really like to take her out and involve her friend.” or “Suggest hanging out all together and take the number.”



Chapter 3 – Club/Dance Floor

“Non-verbally open by catching her attention.”


“Quickly introduce yourself and continue dancing.”


“Dance closer to her.”


“Suggest you go get a drink.” or “Ask if she wants to sit down – because she must be tired from dancing in heels.”


“Tell her you don’t like smoking but it’s her choice.”


“Honest response.”


“Say that you get too much attention from girls as it is. Sixpack would just be overkill.”


“Connect on it and compliment her.”


“Ask the idea behind it.”


“Say “Yes, you got me, I’m super, ultra gay” as you touch her up.”


“Brush her hair back and tell her she has cute little ears.” or “Look at her mouth as she is talking.”


“That’s nice of you to say.”


“Chill things back down and talk about mundane stuff again.”


“Suggest that you leave…” or “Say you know somewhere…” or “Suggest going to the afterparty…”



Chapter 4 – Girl sitting in coffee shop

“Ask if someone is using that chair…” or “Ask her opinion of what to get as a present for your female friend…” or “Tell her you’ve read that book and that he dies in the end.”


“Ask if she minds if you join her for a few minutes?”


“Find out about her.”


“Find out whether she loves her job or is doing it just for the money.”


“Challenge her to explain why this is important.” or “Make her feel good about her job.”


“Say it must be annoying and tell her to ask for a bigger printing allowance.”


“Get her to elaborate on what the particularly liked.”


“Hold Eye contact and wait for her to speak.” or “Say you hate awkward silences.”


“Compliment her on choosing a tough language to learn.”


“Talk about how foreigners perceive English people and ask about how people react to her as an American.”


“Ask what she likes to do in her free time?”


“Ask her plans for the coming week?”


“Suggest going hiking together sometime and take her number.”


“Quite coldly say goodbye and that you’ll be in touch.”



Chapter 5 – Friend to girlfriend

“Tell her you are a little busy this week.”


“Say actually it’s understandable and you do the same thing sometimes.”


“Look at this girl and comment about how sexy she looks.”


“You look fine, that’s not an issue if you are confident.”


“Say that you went on a few dates actually and one girl seems really nice.”


“Wait a while before answering.”


“Respond “Sorry. I was busy. Is everything ok?””


“Bring her some wine.”


“Commiserate her on her love life and tell her that it’s the right decision and she will be happier.”


“Say that yeah it’s quite nice.”


“Tickle her.”


“Play fight and then kiss.”


“Say “This is weird.” Then kiss again.”


“Keep making out with her.”


“Yes I have one right here.”


“That’s strange, I don’t know about this, it might ruin our friendship.”



Chapter 6 – First Date Alexa

“Be nice about cats and about her.”


“Tell her to be dishonest and see if she agrees to check her.” or “Recommend that she tell the truth.”


“Joke: “I run an obedience school for small pets. Hamsters and gerbils mostly.””


“It’s my calling.”


“Nice, it’s hard work but can be interesting…”


“Ask if she understood it and explain the key events.” or “Playfully tease her for liking that movie.”


“I really don’t have time for movies…”


“Ask her where she lives so that she asks you back.”


“Arms crossed indicates that she is not yet open to you. This is not a good sign.”


“Tell a lame joke and see if she laughs.”


“Ask if they have a special bond.”


“Say that you like kind people, so ask what she has done for others.”


“A few (honest) haven’t met anyone special yet.”


“Say that you want a girl who is honest, trustworthy, kind and intelligent.”


“Say okay that’s interesting.”


“She is feeling attracted to you. This is a good sign.”


“Ask what color her eyes are as an excuse to get close.”


“I’m having a nice time and I’m really happy we met – lean forward and kiss.”



Chapter 7 – Direct Day Game

“Approach her from the front.”


“I just saw you and wanted to tell you that I think you look really nice.” or “I saw you and knew that if I didn’t come over and say “hi” I’d be kicking myself all day.”


“Ask what job she is looking for.”


“OK, good luck. I know a few restaurant owners in the city, some of them started as administrators.” or “Cool, I hope you get a job somewhere very nice… so you can give me free food.”


*Pick whatever you want here.*


“Disagree with her.”


“Tell her it’s too unhealthy for you. (true)”


“I’ll get you lessons.” or “That’s a shame.”


“Men are better at everything.”


“It’s quite warm today, do you do any outdoor activities?”


“Suggest a date based on things she likes and take her number.”


“Say you’ll buzz her phone right then and there so she has your number.”


“Ask what her schedule is like during the coming week.”


“Say “okay see you” and leave without smiling.”



Chapter 8 – Wingman

“Attractive guy”


“Set up code words to use while talking to girls.”


“Take $100 from him…” or “Tell him that if he doesn’t go and talk to them…”


“Give him the “Are you girls male-bashing?” line.” or “Say to use the tried and tested “Engagement opener”.”


“Your friend goes in while you wait a moment.”


“One minute.”


“Hey mate, so who are these two?”


“Give attention to the girl your friend doesn’t like.”


“It’s rare to read books these days, well done.”


“Tell a story about a time when he really helped you out and why you are best friends.”


“Game her to the same extent as if you really liked her.”


“Turn your girl away from her friend by moving around to the outside.”


“Find out logistics – If they live together, and if they work the next day.”


“Tell the friend (your girl) how good they look together and encourage the connection.”


“You suggest going somewhere else, persuade your girl to so that she persuades her friend.”



Chapter 9 – Office

“Now way, you still play Candy Crush…”


“Ask what she did at the weekend.”


“Disagree and try to convince her.”


“Ask about vacation plans and then whom she goes with.” or “Talk about property prices then if she rents, and who she lives with.”


“Have that report on my desk at 9 am! (playful)”


“Want to go to the Shamrock with me and some people from the office tonight?”


“I’ve been meaning to start Crossfit, but haven’t found a good one around. Where do you do it?”


“Talk about what else you both do outside work for fun.”


“Arrange to do one of the things she or you do outside work.”


“You need to go to speak to Michelle in HR immediately…” or “Let’s take the day off tomorrow and drive to Vegas. (Playful)”



Chapter 10 – First Date Kate

“Bar, 8 pm.”


“Side by side.”


“use it as reason to check her muscles.”


“Try to get to the bottom of how it makes her feel.”


“Get her talking about the best parts of the trip.”


“Persuade her that it’s actually quite intelligent.”


“Check her pulse.”


“Make a joke about how you just need 3-5 minutes.” or “Say that must mean she hasn’t been properly satisfied in a long time.”


“Kiss one cheek, then the other, then kiss her.”


“Let’s do this again sometime.” or “Can I have a goodnight kiss?”


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