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Space Haven – Equipping A Crew Member

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Equipping A Crew Member

-Draft the crew member and take manual command.


-Move the crew member close to a tile with a weapon. Weapons are usually stored in storages, but can be lying on the floor too.



-When equipping from a storage:

With the character DRAFTED and SELECTED, press the interact button (Default: Mouse 2) on a storage, this will bring up small icon buttons.


Click on the “Pick up” icon button with the select button (Default: Mouse 1).



-When equipping from a floor tile or other character:

Draft and move the character close to the desired location, a floor tile with a weapon or another drafted character with a weapon.


Once they are close to each other, keep your character selected and open up the inventory tab from the character information window.


Weapons on the floor will be visible in the ground part of the inventory UI.


Another character nearby will be visible as a name in the top part of the inventory UI.


It’s easy to change items between crew members and also with a storage facility, by standing close to other crew members or a specific storage facility. The names of these entities will be displayed at the top and will open the inventory of the other entity alongside the current crew member inventory window.


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