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Space Haven – Crew Priorities Guide

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Crew Priorities

Priorities assignment is located in the crew management menu. This is where you can give your crew members job priorities.


The arrows represent either a higher (Arrow up) or lower (Arrow down) priority level, and the dots represent the skill level the character has for that specific task.


It’s important to try to distribute jobs across crew members. Setting every priority to highest for every crew member means there is no priorities set at all. Instead, make certain crew members carry out certain tasks, taking into account their skill level for the task.



System related priorities

Navigation – For the task of using the navigation console when preparing for a hyperspace jump.


Gunner – Operating the weapons console in ship-to-ship combat. Weapons console system readiness state can be adjusted in the systems menu.


Shield – Operating the shields console. Shields console system readiness state can be adjusted in the systems menu.


Operations – Operating the operations console. Operations cover both communication (Hailing) and scanning other faction spaceships. Operations console system readiness state can be adjusted in the systems menu.



Normal task priorities

Medical – Covers medical tasks like operations related to the Medical bed, and tending to patients lying in medical beds.


Botany – Covers taking care of plants in grow beds and making them grow faster.


Construct – Covers both building facilities and dismantling them. Also expanding the hull with mining pods. Covers also salvaging derelict ships.


Maintenance – Covers all repair type of jobs, when a facility or other element of the spaceship is in need of repairs.


Mine – Covers mining resources from asteroids with mining pods.


Industry – Covers all assembler/refinery type of jobs related to resource production with industry facilities.


Logistics – Covers all logistic based tasks, like carrying boxes to facilities and hauling resources from the floor to storages. Note! If the crew members are swamped with logistics tasks (Many refineries on “continuous” setting) they might not have enough time to clear everything up and it can cause blockages at airlocks.


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