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Sons Of The Forest Console Commands for Server Functions and Cheats


Endnight Games is back with a sequel to their 2014 survival horror masterpiece, The Forest. In Sons of the Forest, you will navigate an even larger island, take on more fearsome enemies, and utilize freshly upgraded crafting mechanics to build safe houses for you and your friends.


If you played as much of The Forest as I did, you know that surviving on an island full of mutated beings is pretty rough, but it is much more doable with friends. Thankfully, Sons of the Forest also allows players to start and manage their own servers, and packs in a ton of console commands that manipulate server features as well as enable cheats in the game.


Server commands and cheats arenโ€™t terribly difficult to come by, but weโ€™ve taken the hassle out of hunting them down individually by putting all of the available information together for you in one place! Go ahead and use this Sons of the Forest cheat codes and console commands guide whenever you need to. We recommend leaving it open so you can reference it quickly!



Server Commands (In-Game)


  • /help: Brings up the Help Menu; presents you with all available commands.


  • /save (slot number 1-5): Saves your progress to a specific slot. Make sure you donโ€™t overwrite another save.


  • /restart: Deletes all save data and restarts the server.


  • /shutdown: Results in server shutdown.


  • /ban (Steam ID): Ban users by their Steam ID.


  • /kick (Steam ID): Kick users by their Steam ID.


  • /treegrowmode: 10% of trees respawn while sleeping; can be turned on or off.


  • /allowbuildingdestruction: Buildings can be destroyed; can be turned on or off.


  • /allowenemiescreative: Allows enemies to spawn in creative games; can be turned on or off.


  • /openlogs: Brings up logs.


  • /closelogs: Closes log.



Cheat Commands


  • rawmeatmode: Toggles perma death for your save file


  • meatmode: Deactivates all previously activated codes


  • ironforest: Cheat that makes all constructed structures invincible


  • woodpaste: Covers all holes from crane and hole cutter use


  • addallstoryitems: Puts all story-related items in your inventory


  • godmode: Player becomes invincible, can be turned on or off


  • invisible: Player becomes invisible


  • advanceday: Progresses time by one day


  • revealcavemap: Gives player a map of the islandโ€™s cave system



Server Commands (Admin)


  • serverIP: Shows IP address of server. Must configure port forwarding if using a router. Do not use global IP address.


  • serverSteamPort 8766: Communication Port for Steam, needs to be opened.


  • serverGamePort 27015: Communication Port for Game, needs to be opened.


  • serverQueryPort 27016: Communication Port for Query, needs to be opened.


  • serverName: Displays server name as it is presented in the lobby.


  • serverPlayers 8: Sets the maximum number of players on a server, the default number is eight.


  • enableVAC off: Enables Valve Anti-Cheat System, can be turned on or off.


  • serverPassword: Sets password for server, leaving it blank means no password.


  • serverPasswordAdmin: Password for server admin, leaving it blank means no password.


  • serverSteamAccount: Shouldnโ€™t be left blank, use your Steam account if you have to.


  • serverAutoSaveInterval 30: Sets time between auto saves within the server (in minutes). Default is 30, minimum is 15.


  • Difficulty HardSurvival: Sets the gameโ€™s difficulty mode. Options are Peaceful, Normal, Hard, Hardsurvival.


  • initType Continue: Will need to be set to New or Continue. If set to New, the game will restart every time without saving progress.


  • Slot 1: The save slot for the game. Slots 1-5 are available.


  • showLogs on: Brings up the event log, can be set on or off.


  • serverContact: Will display the email for the server admin.


  • veganMode off: The island will have no enemies if switched on. Can be on or off.


  • vegetarianMode off: There will be no enemies in the daytime if on. Can be on or off.


  • resetHolesMode off: This resets all structure holes when loading in a save.


  • allowCheats on: Allows server members to use debug console commands. Does not affect how mods function.


  • saveFolderPath: Defines a specific folder for saves. Leaving it empty sends files to the default path.


  • targetFpsIdle 5: Sets the target FPS when no one is connected to the server.


  • targetFpsActive 60: Sets the target FPS when there is at least one person on the server.


  • configFilePath: Sets the path for the config file for the server.


  • realisticPlayerDamage off: Allows for PvP-style damage to server members. Amount of damage done is weapon dependent.


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