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Songs of Conquest: Barony of Loth Faction Guide

Songs of Conquest: Barony of Loth Faction Guide

Barony of Loth, a declining barony, embraces the promise of the Unseen Society to bring back the glorious days of peace and empire. Cultists and scholars excavate old battle sites for arcane artifacts and call on the Oathbound legions to serve once more. Loth aims to reclaim its former glory, even if it means resurrecting the dead.


This guide covers the Barony of Loth faction’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as their combat style, skills, spell preferences, research priorities, and city-building suggestions. If you have played a few games and are familiar with the basics, you will find this guide easier to follow.



Barony of Loth Faction Overview

  • Focuses on hordes of melee units for sustained damage along with debuffs and dealing lots of single target damage.


  • All human troops killed in battle are resurrected as Risen – zombie-like units. With a max stack size of 100, Risen can easily take out any opponent in their path.


Note: Always keep a free slot available to accommodate Risen troops.


  • Due to its straightforward mechanics and simpler structure, the Barony of Loth faction is an excellent choice for newcomers.



Wielder Selection

Wielder Starting Skills & Specialization Verdict
Aldus Combat Training, +1 Order A melee-focused Wielder with high defense.
Ambertina Destruction, +1 Destruction High offense with no defense, relies on casting destruction-based spells. Because of the lack of defense, it is not recommended for beginners.
Coral Guard, +15% Ranged Resistance Best Wielder with high offense, and the lack of defense is mitigated by melee and ranged resistance.
Hillar Cunning, +1 HP to Rats and Plague Rats By providing bonuses to rat units, the wielder has excellent early-game potential. You can even switch to a Rat-only army with one or two tank stacks in the mid to late game (Legionnaires & Blessed Ones).
Magnolia Taxes, +1 Troop Movement Taxes help in early-game scaling. Not recommended for mid-late game. Keep Wielder as a supporter and have someone else lead the main army.
Marjatta Arcana, +40% Spell Damage Power Marjatta, despite being one of the game’s most powerful spellcasters, has a low offense and defense. It isn’t easy to play with because you need an army to generate enough essences to keep casting spells, especially for the early game.
Merkoth Melee, +20 Melee Offense to Undead Troops Highest melee Damage potential among all Loth Wielders. Easy learning curve and is recommended for both beginners and experienced players.ย 
Roderick March, +20 Defense to Human Troops Highest defense Wielder but only buffs human troops. Loth is a melee-focused faction where most of the late-game troops are undead. Does not synergize with the faction and is only viable during the early game.
Wiesh Order, +1 Arcana High skill-cap balanced spellcaster Wielder. Can become a full-on spellcaster or support Wielder based on essence generation.


  • We also have a Wielders guide that covers all troop modifiers granted by wielders to their armies.


Songs of Conquest: The Ultimate Wielder Guide



Recommended Skills and Powers for Barony of Loth

  • Every Wielder has a distinct playstyle, so always prioritize maxing out their starting skill, especially if you play as Aldus, Ambertina, Coral, Hillar, Marjatta, Merkoth, or Weish.


  • An Eye for Amber – Since most early-game buildings require Amber, acquiring this skill will help you scale more quickly.


  • Crafty Spiders – This skill functions in a similar manner to An Eye for Amber.


  • Guard, Melee – Since Loth is a melee-focused faction, this dramatically increases troop survivability and DPS.


  • Command – This is crucial, particularly if you’re taking the swarm route (Rats, Risen). Try to choose one Command upgrade every other level up.


  • In terms of Powers, always prioritize Essence Shield, Eager, Speed of Winds, and Levy.



Spell Selection

  • The Barony of Loth faction mainly generates Arcana and Destruction essence, with a slight focus on Order.


  • Depends on your Wielders. If youโ€™re using a spellcaster (Ambertina, Weish, Marjatta), then Aggression, Ice Bolt, Justice, Fireball, and Rupture are the best picks.


  • Aldus and Weiss are the only Order focused Wielders who best synergize with Quicken, Protection, Pacify, Rally, Aegis, and Rapid Fire.



Unit Breakdown

Songs of Conquest: Barony of Loth Faction Guide


Units Specialty Verdict
Rats/Plague Rats Increases offense and movement when hurt and damage scales with Wielder level. Great for early game. Can be good in mid-late game with Hillar.
Oathbound/Legionnaires Innate ranged resistance and can also increase defense. Decent offense and super tanky. Once fully upgraded, one of the best melee units.
Cultists/Oathsingers Buffs the melee and ranged offense and defense of an ally. Second highest initiative among all units. High offense that can deal damage or buff allies. Good for early game, not worth upgrading.
Toxicologists/Banes As Wielder levels rise, damage increases, boosting self-range and damage. Loth’s first unlockable ranged unit. They deal high damage and resurrect as Risen after death, making them a powerful option in the early-mid game.
Aurelian Scholars/Necromancers Prevents retaliation and also generates essence for Wielder. Resource hungry late game unit, but there are better options. High-skill cap and synergizes well with Ambertina, Marjatta, and Wiesh.
Scavenged Bones/Blessed Bones Unlimited Retaliations can sacrifice one unit to summon a stack of 15 Oathbound units in frost. Mid-late game unit with second-lowest initiative in Loth. Quite resource-heavy. Rats and Oathbounds are usually a better choice.ย 
Specters/Seneschals Ignores the zone of control; increases ally offense and damage. High-skill cap unit and can become a super-powerful force on the battlefield with a bit of planning.ย 
Legions/High Legions Debuffs enemy defense and initiative within 1 hexagon. Ranged resistance, AOE attacks, and can also buff ally defense. Must have in the late game when the rest of the melee units’ power levels start to dwindle.



Research priority

  • Depends on what resources you have access to on the map.


  • If you’re playing with Legionnaires, improving their offense and defense will easily get you through the mid-late game.


  • In the case of Rats, focus on troop size rather than stats.


  • The rest is a matter of personal preference, but since the late game heavily depends on undead troops, buffing their melee offense (Cold Fury) and HP (Necrotic Resurgence) is the best way to go.



City Building Tips for Barony of Loth Faction


Songs of Conquest: Arleon Faction Guide


  • Now here is a more generalized approach to building structures as the Loth faction:


  1. Crypt – So that you can build the Mausoleum.


  1. Timbermill – To help you upgrade the Laboratory and get access to Banes.


  1. Stone Works – Once you have this structure, you can access Seneschal and Blessed Bones.


  1. Marketplace – You can use gold to buy resources from the Marketplace. If resources like Amber and Glimmerweave are not on the map or require you to face powerful enemies to obtain, you can use this structure.


  1. Forum of the Unseen – Once you’ve built the structure, you’ll have access to all Undead research.


The Loth faction is relatively easy to play, as you summon a swarm of undead to do your bidding. The Wielders are in charge of the strategy, and each Wielder has a more significant impact on the overall playstyle than we’ve seen in Arleon before. They add a lot of depth to an otherwise simple faction, and hopefully, this guide will help you get there. If you’re having trouble understanding the faction, we also have a beginner’s guide. And If you liked this guide and want to learn more about the game, be sure to check out the rest of our Songs of Conquest guides as well.


Songs of Conquest: Beginner’s Guide: Essential Tips & Tricks


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